10 Most Common Problems in Computer Science Students

Dear Learners, are you started learning a computer science degree and do not know about problems in the computer science field or mistakes in it that you will face? And that are necessary to solve.

Questions in your mind like, Is computer science good for you?

Do you want to know the fundamental problems in computer science fields in 2023?

10 Most Common Problems in the Computer Science Study or Education
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    10 Unsolved Problems in Computer Science 

    Let’s get brief introduction unsolved problems in computer science!

    P vs NP: Can every solution that can be verified in polynomial time be solved in the same amount of time?

    The Halting Problem: Can we create an algorithm to tell if another algorithm will ever stop running?

    Riemann Hypothesis: Does every non-trivial zero of the Riemann zeta function have a real part of 1/2?

    The Collatz Conjecture: Will a simple algorithm, applied to any positive integer, always reach 1?

    Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture: Is the rank of rational points on an elliptic curve related to the order of an L-function?

    Hodge Conjecture: Are all harmonic forms on a non-singular projective algebraic variety algebraic?

    Poincaré Conjecture: Is any simply connected, closed 3-manifold topologically equivalent to a 3-sphere?

    Riemann Hypothesis for Function Fields: Generalization of Riemann Hypothesis to function fields.

    Mass Gap Hypothesis: Is the lowest energy state of a quantum field theory always non-zero?

    Quantum Computing: Developing a computer that uses quantum mechanics for data operations. Still many unsolved problems in this field.

    Check Full Post: Unsolved Problems in Computer Science

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    10 Problems in the Computer Science Fields of Study

    You want a guide to computer science fields with comprehensive knowledge.

    You want to know the problems that you will face them and secure your career.

    After this guide you will thanks me that I will clear the difference between perception and reality about problems in computer science.

    Hope you will enjoy the fantastic guide and struggle well in your career very well.

    Fear of mostly problems in computer science with no reason
    mostly problems be like

    Let’s start.

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    Less Knowledge in CS Fundamentals

    -1. Less knowledge in Computer Science Fundamentals.
    -1. Less knowledge in Computer Science Fundamentals.

    The first and most common problem that students have is having uncomplete, one-sided, and less knowledge and consider themselves as they already understand computer science.

    Why do they not learn the basics or fundamentals of Computer Science fields?

    Because when they see the guides or lessons on computer science fundamentals, they feel that they know everything and leave it and jump to complex and advanced topics. Improve your fundamentals in Computer Science.

    Are you doing the same thing?

    You have to focus on fundamentals for a better grip on these topics.


    As you do not take it serious in starting, you missed basic knowledge. Then you start being fearful of your future and career.

    Fears and guilt need to overcome, and self-confidence needs to build. If you feel stressful about your progress in computer science fields, you need to feel free from depression and criticism.

    You need to listen to the inner voice and self-talk. You need to know your self-worth. Be aware of self-doubts and avoid negative self-talk.

    This may raise your negative thoughts and negativity.

    You need to write down your thoughts and self-doubts while overcoming them.

    I was not depressed and overcome my fear by jotting them down.

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    Being Out of Touch with Real-World

    -2. Being out of touch with the real world.
    -2. Being out of contact with the real world.

    This is a prevalent mistake, maybe, for you. If you feel comfortable in loneliness and did not like to meet the experts and avoid from facing reality of life, you need solve this problem.

    You have to force yourself to leave your comfort zone.

    Are you working alone and not going for practical work?

    This is because of your comfort zone and habit of keeping things very complex. If you will work with any organization or even work on your own PC practically, it will improve your skills the most.

    Remember that no matter how much time you spend in computer science, how much practice you do matters very much.


    Be in touch with the natural world to overcome this problem.

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    Solving Problems & Analytical Skills.

    -3. Solving problems & analytical skills, Problems in Computer Science
    -3. Solving problems & analytical skills.

    The significant problem is how to solve any problem, and this problem is much matters in all computer science fields.

    Your problem is how to gain knowledge in problem-solving and analytical skills.

    Importance of Analytical Skills

    Analytical skills are the ability to collect, process, and understand data and information in order to make informed decisions.

    They play a crucial role in many areas of life and work, including:

    Problem Solving with Analytical Skills:

    Being able to analyze complex issues is key to effectively solving problems. This involves breaking down large problems into smaller parts, evaluating options, and making informed decisions.

    Smart Decisions:

    Having strong analytical abilities helps you make data-driven decisions. You can weigh the pros and cons and choose the best option based on facts.

    Research Success:

    In research, analytical skills are necessary to interpret data and draw conclusions. Whether you’re a scientist or a market researcher, these skills help you understand and make sense of results.

    Business Benefits:

    Analytical skills are in high demand in the business world. They’re necessary for evaluating data and making strategic decisions, such as analyzing financial data for investment recommendations or market trends for business strategy.

    Career Advancement:

    These skills are often required for leadership and management positions, making them valuable for career advancement. Demonstrating analytical skills can set you apart in your current job and open doors for future opportunities.

    Clear Communication:

    Analytical skills also aid in effectively communicating your findings and ideas. Being able to present data and conclusions clearly and logically helps others understand and make informed decisions.

    Analytical skills are crucial for success in many areas of life and work.

    These can help you make better decisions, solve problems more effectively, and advance in your career.

    If you search for perfection in your skills or expertise, you will face problems.

    If you are facing problems in problem solving skills development, the solution is given below,


    Nothing could be 100% perfect in this world. You just need to improve 1% daily and you will see the huge difference with small changes. Sir James Clear calls it marginal gain.

    marginal gain - the power of tiny gain by sir James clear

    You need to work and struggle with your skills. With the passage of time, you will see the change.

    Keep in mind, nothing is impossible, and problem-solving is for humans.😊

    Learn to code by solving problems

    Checkout for Problem Solving Course

    How do you develop problem-solving?

    It is not very difficult but time taking. You should struggle and do not worried. You should leave it on time.

    You should solve two or three daily life problems every day. After a month or year, you will see the impactful change in yourself.

    Here are some steps to develop problem-solving skills while solving any problem,

    1. Problem Identification: Clearly recognize and define the issue requiring resolution. Gather information and comprehend the problem from various angles.
    2. Solution Generation: Brainstorm and think outside the box to produce a list of potential solutions for the problem.
    3. Evaluation and Selection: Analyze and assess the ideas generated to determine their viability. Take into account factors such as feasibility, cost, and impact.
    4. Implementation: Put the selected solution into effect by devising a plan of action and executing necessary steps.
    5. Monitoring and Assessment: Keep track of the solution’s progress and assess its success. Make changes as needed to enhance the solution or search for alternative options if it’s not effective.
    6. Communication: Share the solution with concerned parties and ensure everyone is on the same page. This step is crucial for receiving feedback and making improvements.
    7. Reflection: Reflect on the problem-solving process and what was learned. Identify areas for growth and methods for handling similar problems in the future.

    Note: It’s important to note that problem-solving is an iterative process and that it might require you to go back to previous steps and make adjustments as you learn more about the problem.

    Additionally, involving a team or a mentor in the process can be very helpful as it allows you to benefit from their perspectives, experiences and knowledge.

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    Fear of Programming Languages

    -4. Fear of Programming Languages, Computer Science problems
    -4. Fear of Programming Languages.

    The problem in programming is problem-solving as I discuss with you in the upper section. 

    All the students can learn programming and their way of writing syntax. But the real thing in programming is identifying the problem and finding the best and most efficient solution.

    The program can be written, but the problem could not be solved by just writing it.


    Programming languages are not rocket science, and you can learn them.

    Experts point of view is that learning about solving problems is better than increasing the number of programming languages. 

    Think Like a programmer

    Checkout full guide think like a programmer

    You can find thousands of guides on the internet in websites and applications about programming languages. But your logic-building and problem-solving skills can be developed by yourself.

    Follow these tips to master a programming language,

    • Programming Language works almost on same pattern
    • Just select any single language which is famous and easy
    • Learn its basics
    • Start making small projects
    • Then work on big projects
    • Take internships and grow your knowledge.
    • Find job related your skills

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    Not Understand the Professor’s Teaching

    -5. Not understanding what the professor is teaching, Problems in computer science
    -5. Not understanding what the professor is teaching.

    You are a learner, and your task is learning, but it can be problematic if there is a hurdle in your learning like confused or hard teacher.

    Most students cannot remember because they do not understand the professor’s point while taking a class.

    They do not ask questions about the topic. Even if they have the internet, this problem can fail them from learning computer science.

    They feel depressed as they do not clear their concepts. When they need to perform it practically, they feel entangled in problems and bugs.


    Make a bond with your teacher and make notes.

    I have designed a Playlist of note-taking seeing the importance of it.

    You can make notes while taking lecture so that you can memorized your work later.

    For the solution, you need to listen to your professor carefully. If you could not listen to any point, you have to ask questions.

    Before going to next point, let me discuss some biggest problems in computer science

    8 Biggest Problems in Computer Science

    There are many Biggest issues or challanges in computer science that need overcome. 

    Security Threats: Protecting networks, systems, and data from cyber-attacks and data breaches is a major concern for computer scientists. With the growing amount of personal and sensitive information stored electronically, ensuring its security is crucial.

    AI Bias and Ethics: The increasing use of AI systems raises concerns about bias, discrimination, and ethical considerations in decision-making. Computer scientists must address these issues to ensure the fair and responsible use of AI.

    Scalability and Complexity Challenges: As data sets and systems continue to expand, computer scientists must develop solutions to manage their complexity and scalability, including distributed systems, cloud computing, and big data management.

    Human-Computer Interaction: Computer scientists must strive to create systems that are intuitive and easy for humans to use, encompassing user interface design, natural language processing, and accessibility.

    Efficiency and Energy: With advancing technology, computer scientists must balance the need for data processing with the need for energy-efficient solutions in both hardware and software.

    Privacy Concerns: With the growing use of big data, machine learning, and AI, privacy and the potential misuse of personal data a major challenges for computer scientists.

    Quantum Computing Frontier: The field of quantum computing is still developing, but its potential to solve complex problems beyond the capabilities of traditional computers is a significant challenge for computer scientists.

    Diversity and Inclusion: The lack of diversity and inclusivity in computer science affects the perspectives and innovation in the field. Addressing barriers for underrepresented groups is crucial for the growth and success of the field.

    These are just a few examples, but the field of computer science is constantly evolving and new problems and challenges are always emerging. 

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    Not performing Practical CS Work

    -6. Not performing practicals in Computer Science, Problems in computer science
    -6. Not performing practicals in Computer Science.

    Are you doing computer science, or soon you will do it, learning it theoretically but not practically.

    The most common problem for you is that you are not performing practically what you learn.

    Why are you talking about practice in computer science?

    I am discussing the problem you face or will face in the future. Because when you learn something and do not visualize it or perform it by yourself, you can not understand it correctly.

    This is too much for the computer science student that he gets knowledge about some specific topic. Then visualize it to experience by himself.

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    Programming is Not Copy-Paste

    -7. Programming is not copy-paste, problems in computer science
    -7. Programming is not copy-paste.

    A program is the written instruction to the computer to solve a particular problem. You should remember that the real-world problems cannot be solved by just copy-pasting.

    You need to find real world problems that can be solved with computer science and try to analyze them.

    To some extent, copy-paste can be helpful. But if you are learning to program, you should write all the codes manually.

    The biggest problem in the computer science field…!

    If you are just copy-pasting the code or revising the written code, you are in a problem. 🤦‍♂️😒


    • The solution is to learn code, you have to write the program and solving the problems you face while coding, as the expert says.
    • With this kind of practice, soon you will learn to write on your own.
    • You have to already solve the particular problem (i.e. with the help of flowcharts and algorithms) on the page manually.
    • Then write the code for it.
    • By doing that, you would also improve your problem-solving and coding skills.

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    Comparing Other’s Knowledge

    -8. Depressed Seeing the other’s knowledge, problems in computer science
    -8. Depressed Seeing the other’s knowledge.

    The expert and a beginner have different levels of knowledge. The beginner is beginning its career, but an expert has always swum in the pool of the computer science field.

    The common problem is that you are seeing the other’s knowledge and inspired.

    You feel that they might insult by comparing themselves with you.

    You lose your potential and leave computer science, which is not a good practice.

    Look at another Question about problematic issue: Switching out of Computer Science a Mistake

    Experts were at the same level as you in computer science, but now they have potential through their skills and struggle in learning.


    To avoid this issue, you should keep in mind the fact and hope that everyone has the phase of learning, and after it, everyone becomes an expert.

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    Focus on Quality without Proper Skills

    -9. Focusing on Quality without proper skills, problems in computer science
    -9. Concentrate on Quality without appropriate skills.

    The most common issue among learners is that they try to maintain the quality of their program and try to act themselves like an expert.

    They have less knowledge and skills, so they cannot maintain quality and lose the quantity of work. 

    Are you doing the same, focusing on quality?

    In the beginning, no issue; you can mistakes and then learn from your mistakes.

    Of course, your mistakes will allow you to improve yourself and become an expert in computer science.


    You should just create the stuff as more as you can.

    The more you will work, the more you will face problems and more you will learn.

    The benefit of not maintaining the quality is that so much time would be saved. Therefore, you can focus only on skills development.

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    Efforts to Become a Perfectionist

    -10. Efforts to become a perfectionist, problems in computer science
    -10. Steps to becoming a perfectionist.

    Learners try to become more efficient and show others that they know everything about computer science.

    As a beginner, you do not know much about advanced techniques, and you cannot reply to everyone as a competitor. 

    Sometimes, people try to detract you by criticizing your skills, but you don’t need to become a perfectionist. 😒


    You can show them your mistakes that you have done and react like learner, not like their teacher. You will see, they stop teasing you.🤔 Because your button is now in your hand and they cannot press it without your permission. 😍

    Keep trying to learn about computer science more.

    Computer science demands you to struggle with it, and then it will give you definite results.

    If you wants to learn well, you should not attracted towards lies and fake stories about the computer science.

    If you think someone has perfection in some particular field, you have misconception.

    Be clear, you are not single, and all the people, even experts, are not perfectionists.

    Not wasting time in being a perfectionist and having a logical mind with learning attitude is the actual power of the Learner. 

    Real World Problems that can be Solved with Computer Science

    We have best opportunity to apply computer science to solve real world problems. Some problems in computer science are listed below,

    Climate Change: With computer science, climate data can be analyzed and modeled, weather patterns can be predicted, and sustainable energy solutions can be found.

    Healthcare: Medical data can be analyzed and new treatments and drugs can be developed, as well as improving medical imaging, through the use of computer science.

    Transportation: Computer science can optimize transportation networks, decrease traffic congestion and enable the development of self-driving cars.

    Financial Services: Computer science can create algorithms for trading and investment, enhance fraud detection and provide new financial products and services.

    Education: Education software, online learning platforms, and adaptive learning systems can all be created with the help of computer science.

    Agriculture: Precision farming techniques can be developed, crop yields can be optimized, and food safety can be improved through computer science.

    Robotics: Industrial, medical, and household robots can be developed with computer science.

    Cybersecurity: Networks, systems, and data can be protected from cyber threats and attacks through computer science.

    Natural Language Processing (NLP): Computer science can understand and process human language, and create chatbots, language translators, and speech recognition systems.

    Big Data: Computer science can process, analyze, and uncover insights from large data sets to make informed decisions.

    These are just a few examples, but computer science can be applied to many other areas such as entertainment, logistics, manufacturing, and many more.

    The field of computer science is constantly evolving, and new problems and opportunities are always emerging.

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    This is a questions and answers section to briefly explore the topic, Most Common Problems in the Computer Science Fields.

    ✔ How to solve complex problems in CS?

    Solving problems is possible when you understand your problems in CS. Then divide into different easy and short steps. Try to solve them one by one.

    ✔ What power does computer science use to solve problems?

    This power is an algorithm and critical thinking in problem-solving.

    ✔ Are there some careers in computer science not a part of it?

    Yes, many fields in computer science like, data sciences.

    ✔ Why am I do not get success in programming?

    You are failed in programming because you are doing less practice in problem-solving.

    ✔ What are some of Steve Jobs’s risks when creating the Macintosh computer?

    • He tried several times to sell Pixar but flopped.
    • Failures in many products are introduced.
    • He did not know the proper market for his computer.

    ✔ Do you have a problem with your students having a physical disability becoming teachers?

    No problem. This question is directly related to student problems. But if the teacher can teach with great hunger, then no issue you might face. I have learned from my own teacher, who is blind, and another one whose arms was half and disabled.

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    Computer science is not full of problems, but every journey has difficulties and hurdles. The computer science student must struggle with the practice and research before starting it as a profession.

    It will be very beneficial for you, if you might be able to face all the problems that you faced.

    That’s all!

    Thanks for visiting, and special thanks for being engaged in my article till now.

    If you like my content, (even a tiny part of the content), please share it with your beloved friends who can get benefit from it. 

    Topics Covered in this article about 10 Most Common Problems in the Computer Science Fields.

    What are the Common CS Study Problems

    10 Most common problems in the computer science fields in this age
    10 most typical problems in the computer science fields in this age

    • Less Knowledge in CS Fundamentals
    • Being Out of Touch with Real-World
    • Solving Problems & Analytical Skills.
    • Fear of Programming Languages
    • Not Understand the Professor’s Teaching
    • Not performing Practical CS Work
    • Programming is Not Copy-Paste
    • Comparing Other’s Knowledge
    • Focus on Quality without Proper Skills
    • Efforts to Become a Perfectionist

    Thanks for being here, my dear friend!

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