11 Most Effective iPad Note Taking Tips and Techniques for CS Beginners

When I start note-taking, I do not know how to take notes properly. I note my lectures randomly in unorganized form😒. Then I decided to make them crispy.😋 I found some secret tips there. Let’s reveal them! ☺️

I am going to list some tips for best note taking. I will explain them in detail separately. Do not worry if you don’t understand the title, I have a complete explanation for you.

most common tips and techniques for effective note-taking
note-taking tips

    Write The Date

    Start with a date at the top corner of your notes. Writing date before starting your note-taking.

    This is very beneficial in many aspects for every kind of note taker.

    Let me tell you a story about me!😯

    When I start note-taking, I do not know how to take notes properly. I note my lectures randomly in unorganized form.

    Mostly I forgot to write dates. Once my teacher missed my attendance. After a week, when I visited my school after the holidays, I asked to mark my previous attendance.

    My teacher doesn’t believe me and demands the date of note-taking on my notes. He did not find any date there and was marked as absent.

    My teacher know that I was present but he wants to tell me the importance of dates. That’s why he does that.

    A date can engage you. You can separate the work of different days to each other.

    Use Short Words.

    Use short words for long and complex words. Shorthand is very useful to 

    1. Save your time and 
    2. Increase writing speed
    3. Pages occupy less space.

    Your notes must be clear and concise. Shorthand can make your notes short and to the point.😌

    Shorthand and abbreviated words must be familiar and easy to memorize for you.

    You can make your own short-hands and abbreviations. To do so, you need to mention them at the start of your page with full form.

    For example, you make the following short words.
    Rest In Peace RIP
    It’s Beneficial IB
    Bank Card BC

    Use Symbols.

    Using symbols you will find your note easily understandable. You use different symbols instead of using full words. Your notes will be concise and brief using symbols.

    Symbols are some kind of short codes that are defined globally.

    For example,
    Dollars $
    More than 50 50+
    And &
    Number #

    Use Graphics Elements.

    Use graphic elements to improve your notes. The graphics provide the best opportunity to activate a sense of visualization of reader.

    Studies show the comparison of just writing and writing with visualization. Watching proved more effective to remember the things and keep in long-term memory.

    Therefore you should use graphic elements in between your text so that your note looks interesting.

    Use Punctuation

    Use punctuations to make it readable. Punctuation can improve your readability.

    The punctuation is the most recommended essentials in languages. You cannot understand any language without it.

    The best practice is, you have to understand the right use of punctuation marks e.g. colon(:), period(.), comma(,), or semicolon(;). Then you should use them in your notes.

    The huge effect of interpretation of words occurs with changing the place of comma (,).

    For example, the given below are the best to illustrate the importance of punctuation marks.

    For example, the given below are the best to illustrate the importance of punctuation marks,
    Simple Sentence Opposite Sentence to Simple
    Sit, not stand (instructions of sitting) Sit not, stand (instructions of being stand)
    Writing, not allowed just reading Writing not allowed, just reading

    Use Note-taking Methods

    Use defined methods of taking notes like the Cornell method, boxing method, or outlining method.

    Note-taking methods provide you with many effective ways to write notes. When I used these methods, I got more benefits in arranging and organizing my notes.

    I have explained them in detail so that you can learn them easily.

    Note Useful Things Only

    Do not note everything from your lecture in detail. The details of any lecture are not important.

    Writing down each word in detail is not note-taking. Jot down the essential and useful points. You can elaborate on these points shortly.

    Do not think too much, just note that it is necessary.

    Be Organized

    Keep your note organized so that you can engage again.

    The difference between organized and without organization is, of writing and arrangement. You just have changed your complex pattern of note-taking into simple and short.

    Make categories and subcategories of your notes.

    Connecting the best ideas and preparing a mind-map is the best tip to be organized.

    Importance of note-taking skills to a student are given below in points,

    • Being organized in note-taking is useful to read them.
    • You can add more information, if your notes are organized.
    • Organized notes will not bore your mind.
    • Categories and subcategories will be helpful to memorize by heart.
    • Organized notes are easy to understand for others.

    Understand Your Teacher

    Try to understand your teacher. Your teacher is not boring, if you change your way of thinking.

    If you could not understand any point of your teacher, you can ask again. But do not make analogies about him e.g. learning from him is impossible.

    Your teacher wants you to ask him about your problems in study. But every person has its own way to express his feelings. You have to try to understand your teacher.

    If you will start understanding your professor’s concepts, your note-taking will be enhanced.

    Review Later

    Review them later for next time. When you take your notes completely, you should review it again.

    Reviewing again will help you too much to sort out mistakes and missing points.

    That’s why you should review your notes and edit, or proofread them.

    Correct Mistakes

    Correct your mistakes when you find them. Correcting mistakes is an essential part of note-taking.

    If you will not correct mistakes while making notes, you will prepare wrong information. The wrong information can create issues for your exams or tests.

    Mistakes are not bad. But if you do not correct them, these can harm you at a high level.

    Following are tips that will elaborate how to take good notes at work and the importance of note-taking skills to a student

    1. Write the date.
    2. Use short words.
    3. Use symbols.
    4. Use graphics elements.
    5. Use punctuation.
    6. Use note-taking methods.
    7. Note useful things only.
    8. Be organized.
    9. Understand your teacher.
    10. Review later.
    11. Correct mistakes.


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