21 Best Interactive Apps for Online Teaching for Teachers

Online teaching is an effective way with less effort but a bad app can ruin all this. Analyze all the best apps to get cool classes. Are you ready to see top 100 online teaching tools? Let’s jump in it!

The List of Useful and Best Apps for Online Teaching
Apps for Online Teaching

I will list many interactive apps for online teaching and their competitor apps to teach online.

    Online Test Maker and Quiz Maker Apps for Teachers

    I have listed below free quiz apps for teachers and students with links so that you can access them and install them.

    These online quiz maker apps are very useful and everyone can use them.


    You will play fun competition-based games (kahoot) at school, home or work

    You can create your own kahoots and learn new things!

    Kahoot is bringing the magic of learning to

    • Students
    • Teachers
    • Office superheroes
    • Trivia fans
    • Lifelong learners

    With the help of Kahoot you can use different languages i.e. English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Norwegian.

    Overall, I recommend KaHoot.

    Quizzicle: Create Your Own Quiz đź“š

    Quizzicle is the best tool to create an Online Quiz. It is available easily on the playstore.

    Do you want to teach on little effort?

    You have also option to create trivia games

    Quizzicle is the app for you! Quizzicle is the ultimate tool for creating and running quizzes anytime, anywhere.

    Quizzicle is the easiest way to create your own quizzes with different types of questions and quiz modes.

    Quizzer (create quizzes and tests)

    Quizzer is best to create an interactive quiz to engage your students.

    Quizzer helps you to

    • Learn
    • Create quizzes
    • Lock them
    • Share with friends
    • Take exams
    • Back up

    Finally, a pronunciation feature (I make foreign language tests) would be very useful.

    This is a great app, I’m really happy with it!

    Trivia Maker

    Trivia Maker is an exciting app to create your own quiz/game show.

    The board layout is very similar to

    • Jeopardy,
    • Family Feud,
    • Want to Be a Millionaire,
    • or any other trivia game show.

    Trivia Maker is the fastest and easiest way to make trivia games that can easily handle any kind of audience.

    TN Maker

    TNMaker turns your phone into a simple multiple choice testing tool.

    Do you can Imagine completing the clock tick in a few minutes?

    Instead of punching, hours compared to the answer, now just manipulate it to take a smartphone photo in seconds.

    QuizCards: Flashcard Maker for Study and Quiz

    You can create flashcards with Flashcard Card Maker to study or test any subject.

    It is designed to help you

    • Learn a new language
    • Learn vocabulary
    • Prepare for exams.

    Some features will not work offline you need,

    • Internet connection or WiFi
    • An Account (Need to Sign Up or Sign In)

    Quiz App

    Do you want to create a contest and participate?

    All this becomes very easy with the help of our quiz app.

    With the help of Quiz app you can

    • Create
    • Take
    • Share quizzes.

    Getting started with this is very simple!

    This app has features,

    • Create and take quizzes
    • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
    • Questions and Answers
    • You can share the quiz with others

    Quiz Planet

    Quiz Planet is a fast-paced galactic quiz game where you can compete with your friends and other players.

    You have best opportunity to test your knowledge with countless interesting quiz questions.

    This app provide you 19 different categories and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

    Quizmo: A Simple Quiz Creator

    A fun app for creating quizzes. This app works seamlessly with the web version of the app.

    You can be a quiz master or enjoy playing various quizzes.

    This program has two main options to become,

    • a Race Maker
    • a Racer
    • Both sides have several options.

    The quiz created in the app can be tested on the web and vice versa.

    This app is great for teachers who want to create tests and track department performance.

    Online Writing or Interactive Whiteboard App for Teachers

    online smartboard or digital Interactive Whiteboard App
    digital whiteboard

    Online writing tools are tools to write anything by typing or by hand freely. Here is the concept of interactive whiteboard app comes. Digital Whiteboards also help you in online writing.

    Teachers can manage any meeting or class online with these digital interactive whiteboard apps.

    Let’s explore these interesting apps!

    Explain Everything Whiteboard

    Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard for,

    • Learning
    • classroom teaching
    • recording video presentations and tutorials
    • Drawing
    • taking notes
    • live streaming
    • and conducting virtual classes.

    Features of this Effective online teaching app for classroom and distance learning

    Explain Everything Whiteboard have some best features that make it useful.

    • Replace physical whiteboards with interactive whiteboards that you can use anywhere and broadcast live.
    • Combine sketches, notes, and handwriting with imported and multimedia documents to blend learning more effectively.
    • Inviting students and teachers to whiteboard presentations and collaborations. Replace static slides with engaging explainer videos.
    • Choose the Explain Everything interactive whiteboard app for online learning, online classes, and online training.

    Whiteboard Sketch Mirroring

    Whiteboard Sketch Mirroring is the best whiteboard screen mirroring application.

    This is wireless whiteboard projector with projection on TV and screen mirror.

    You have many features that will help you to know the importance of this whiteboard app. Some features are listed below,

    • Modern whiteboard for teachers.
    • Get the small zoom.
    • Teach with a digital whiteboard.
    • Whiteboard screen mirroring for all TVs.
    • Capture and organize your ideas instantly.
    • Very clean and stylish design.
    • Interactive whiteboard for teachers.
    • Digitize sticky notes.
    • Endless fun and learning.
    • Digitization and creation of educational materials.
    • Draw live on the whiteboard.
    • Clear the canvas with one click.
    • Prepare and present engaging lessons.
    • Screen actors and actors on television.
    • Adjust layout settings.
    • Live whiteboard program.

    With the help of Whiteboard Mirroring and Cast to TV, your work is mirrored in HD on your big screen.

    It has double screen designs with

    whiteboard orientation,

    horizontal and vertical

    It will turn your whiteboard into a smarter workspace.

    LiveBoard: Online Whiteboard

    LiveBoard is an online collaboration platform designed specifically for online education.

    LiveBoard have many features that explain you the importance of this feature. With LiveBoard you can:

    • Share your experiences anytime, anywhere.
    • Communicate with students in real time via live messaging or voice chat.
    • Make every student feel included.
    • Engage absent students as if they were in the classroom.
    • Make classroom teaching easy and interactive with shared whiteboards.
    • Invite foreign guests with a public link.
    • Let parents and prospective students know what you know and how you work.
    • Take full control of your participants’ drawing, writing and chatting abilities.
    • Enable or disable them for the entire session.
    • Teach different topics and create separate groups for each class or group of participants.
    • Create a group with predefined members.
    • You can manage all important content related to that group in one place and easily share them later.
    • Save time inviting participants for each meeting.
    • Visualize teaching. Import JPEG, PNG images and PDF files to make lessons easier to understand and remember.
    • Save online tutoring lessons.
    • Keep all your content in one place and use it later when starting your online business.

    Clapp – Interactive Whiteboard for Teachers

    The Clapp Interactive Whiteboard tool helps integrate these powerful ideas into a comprehensive teaching and learning platform.

    The Clapp was created for all the main stakeholders of education: students, teachers, parents and educational institutions.

    Let’s see Clapp’s features listed below,

    • Make a whiteboard video tutorial
    • Or share class content and communication with students outside the class
    • Or use your tablet/phone as an interactive whiteboard in the classroom
    • Or use the whiteboard during live screen sharing sessions with students
    • Or quickly deploy remote virtual classes for schools/coaching centers

    myViewBoard Whiteboard

    Whiteboard offers multiple users a variety of annotation fonts, drawing tools, and a variety of media files on an unlimited number of pages to create compelling content.

    It works with interactive flat panels such as the ViewSonic® ViewBoard™ and other devices, combining physical and virtual spaces with on-site touch and online interactive technology.

    The whiteboard works with any interactive whiteboard on the market.

    You need to create a free account at myviewboard.com and download Whiteboard today.


    Doodle board – Recordable Whiteboard

    Doodle Board app is an interactive whiteboard app that users can use easily.

    • Using a pen and brush, draw graffiti with several colors.
    • Record your drawing and save it as an MP4 video.
    • Create multiple pages.
    • Share your board as a PDF for further reference.

    This program is primarily useful for educational presentations.


    Jamboard is G Suite’s digital whiteboard that provides a rich collaboration experience for teams and classrooms.

    You can create jams, edit them from your device and share them with others.

    Anyone can collaborate on Jam anytime, anywhere.

    Businesses and schools with Jamboard hardware can use their smartphones and tablets to join or open jams on nearby boards.


    Let see some features given below,

    • Draw with different pens and colors to bring your ideas to life.
    • Share Jams and collaborate with others in the same Jam in real time.
    • Add sticky notes to brainstorm ideas together.
    • Give life to your jam by inserting photos and stickers.
    • Import Drive files from G Suite and annotate documents.
    • Highlight objects with the laser pointer tool.

    Teaching Board

    This program is used to teach students how to draw using a pen.

    How to erase?

    You can draw with a pen and erase with your finger.

    Pen mode allows you to erase some parts with your finger.

    How to use board without digital pen?

    If you don’t have a pen, you can change the icon and use your finger.

    Shape Templates

    You can design freely and you can also draw using shape templates like

    • Circle
    • Triangle
    • Rectangle
    • Oval
    • Sphere
    • Cube, etc.

    You have the option to choose any type of line like continues, dotted or dashed.

    You can use any color.

    Writing App for Online Teaching

    The Writing Board application is the best application. These writing apps also known as document management apps.

    With the help of a writing board, you can write immediately as soon as you think. Also, you can delete it quickly.

    Some useful documents management apps for android below. You can type, edit, and share with them with your mobile. 

    • Microsoft Office
    • Google Drive
    • Office Suite
    • Polaris Office
    • WPS Office
    • Docs to Go
    • Smart Office

    Google Classroom: Online Teaching Tool for Distance Learning

    Google Classroom is online Teaching Tool for Distance Learning
    Google Classroom

    Classroom facilitates communication between students and teachers inside and outside the school.

    Google Classroom is very useful in class management. Some features are given below,

    • Save time and paper
    • Make it easy to create classes
    • Distribute assignments
    • Communicate
    • Organize

    Advantages of Google Classroom

    Classroom is best app to manage the meeting stuff and study material. Let’s discuss some benfits or advantages of google classroom.

    Easy setup

    Teachers can add students directly or share the code with the class to participate. Setup only takes a few minutes.

    Save time

    A simple, paperless workflow allows teachers to quickly create, review and grade assignments in one place.

    Better organization

    Students can see all assignments on the assignments page and all class materials (documents, photos, videos, etc.) are automatically saved in Google Drive folders.

    Advanced Communication 

    Classroom allows teachers to post announcements and start class discussions instantly.

    Students can share resources and answer questions in one stream.


    Like other Google Workspace for Education services, Classroom is ad-free and does not use student content or data for advertising purposes.

    Zoom Online Teaching

    Zoom is famous app in customer satisfaction and offers the best seamless communications experience on mobile.

    How to Install

    It is very easy to follow the process just

    • install the free Zoom app
    • click New Meeting
    • and invite up to 100 people to your video!

    Device Supported

    Phones, tablets and other mobile devices based on Android, Windows, Mac, Zoom Rooms, H.323 / SIP room system, communicate with anyone on the phone. .

    Video Conference from Anywhere

    • The best video conference quality
    • Easily join meetings or start instant meetings with phone, email or company contacts

    Collaboration on the Move

    The best Android device content and mobile screen sharing quality

    • Annotate shared content
    • Real-time whiteboard collaboration on Android tablets

    Unlimited Messages (photos, files, etc.)

    • Stay in touch instantly to easily send messages, files, images, links and GIFs
    • Use emojis to quickly reply or react to threaded conversations
    • Create or join public and private chat channels

    Making, Receiving and Managing Calls

    Easily call and receive your business number

    Receive voicemail and call recording with transcript

    Use call forwarding to make and receive calls from others

    Configure your auto attendant to answer and route calls independently

    Super Benefits Given Below

    • Safe driving mode on the road
    • Use the Android app to start meetings or share directly in Zoom Rooms
    • Participate in Zoom webinars
    • Join the OnZoom event (US beta only)
    • Works with WiFi, 5G, 4G/LTE and 3G networks

    Best Free Apps for Online Teaching

    1. Google Drive
    2. Google Notes
    3. Google Classroom
    4. Google Sheets
    5. Educate
    6. Digital Class.
    7. StudyBlue Flashcards.
    8. Zoom.
    9. Google Meet.
    10. Kahoot.
    11. Quizizz.
    12. Schoology.
    13. Educaciones.
    14. Nearpod
    15. Viper (Windows)
    16. Attendance
    17. TooNoisy
    18. ThingLink
    19. AnswerGarden
    20. Poll Everywhere
    21. Slido.


    What do teachers use to teach online?

    There are alot of apps for that help and commonly used to take help and work faster.

    1. Wordflex Touch Dictionary
    2. Unit Converter
    3. 30:30
    4. Penultimate

    Where can you find these effective teaching apps?

    All the apps are available on Google PlayStore easily as I leave the link for each one.

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