6 Top Effective Note Taking Methods for Computer Science PDF

Note-taking is not a very tricky business with its methods but still people are failing and not doing it well. Are you taking notes properly? Let’s find the answer!

This is the complete guide to some important effective notes taking methods or techniques to find your answer. This guide is helpful for everyone middle school, high school, and college students.

6 note-taking methods for beginners of computer science
note-taking methods


Preparation of subjects for exams or any field of life is necessary. You will not pick complete information if you do not find the best method to take notes. It is a main problem that can be solved with note-taking methods.

Fun Note Taking Ideas

We will discuss the best ideas for note-taking methods for middle school, high school, college, university, and work.

Let’s get started with these methods!



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10 Most Common Note-taking Methods

I will discuss some most used methods in note-taking given below,

  • Outline Note-Taking Method.



  • Boxing Note-Taking Method.
  • Charting Note-Taking Method.
  • Mind-Mapping Note-Taking Method.
  • Sentence Note-Taking Method.

Outline Note Taking Method.

This is one of the most used methods for note-taking.

What is outline note taking method?

The key-word outline method of note taking or simply Outlining is a traditional method to manage the contents in which we note down outlines of content only.

Outline Note Taking Method Example

For example, we have to take notes on any topic. We can organize them with outlining like,

Major Topic

  • Topic 1
    • Subtopic 1
  • Topic 2
  • Topic 3
    • Subtopic 1
    • Subtopic 2

That’s how we make notes with an outlining method…


Cornell Note Taking Method.


Cornell note-taking effectively organizes the note in managed form with the help of two columns.

We have four parts to it…

  • Title
  • Cue column
  • Note-taking area
  • Summary

These are important parts of Cornell notes. Cornell’s method of note-taking is very interesting and manageable. I am not going too deep into it because I have already explained Cornell’s method of taking notes.

Best Note Taking Method for Computer Science

Cornell method is the best method for computer science and math. It is specifically useful to note the formulas and definitions.

Let’s jump to other interesting techniques.

Boxing Note Taking Method.

Box and Bullet method or simply boxing is a way to take notes in which you can box the main topics or headings and list subtopics or subheadings using bullets. That’s why it is called the box and bullet method.

Example of Box and Bullet method | Template

The best way to explain is the use of examples. You can visualize the box and bullet method of note-taking.


  • Subheading 1
  • Subheading 2
  • Subheading 3


  • Subtopic 1
  • Subtopic 2
  • Subtopic 3

Charting Note Taking Method

This method is simple to use and understand. The charting method is used to organize the data in the form of charts by dividing topics into different categories.

Example of Charting method of taking notes | Template

The best example diagram to explain charting notes for a demo.

best table to explain the techniques of charting method in note-taking

Mind Mapping Note Taking Method

Mind mapping has started being used commonly. People and researchers share their experiences that prove it is a very useful technique. Mind mapping is a beautiful way to arrange topics.

Mind-mapping is a best Note-taking method for visual learners.

Concept Mapping Note Taking

Mind-mapping is the best method to map all the content of the main topic into logically related subtopics graphically in a beautiful manner.

Mind Mapping Note Taking Template

a screen that displaying the mind-map of ideas

Using mind-mapping, you will drive from one or more than one related idea to other useful ideas. You can make a chain of ideas using the mind-mapping method.

Sentence Note Taking Method

A sentence note-taking method is useful when your ideas could not be explained in words or phrases.

The sentence method is a way to take notes in which you can make a list of sentences or useful lines. Each sentence adds some value to the main topic or title.

Example of Sentence method of taking notes,

For example, I will take the general illustration of the sentence method.

Main topic e.g. Box

  1. Box has equal height and width
  2. Box have one color white
  3. Box is in the form of cube
  4. Box is made of wood
  5. Box can carry 50 pieces of cloth.

Before exploring the box, you do not know about anything. Your mind was rising with questions you like,

  1. What type of box?
  2. What is the use of this box?
  3. What are the size and dimensions?
  4. What material is used here?
  5. How much stuff can it carry?

And many other questions. But after explaining it using the sentence method, you get all the basic details to imagine it.

In Conclusion,

All methods are very useful for you. You can select them according to,

  1. Their use,
  2. And your requirements.

Which method of Note-taking is the Most Common and Useful in Every Subject? Outlining Mapping Charting Cornell

To store the information in long-term memory, you should use,

  • The Cornell method.
  • And mind-mapping method.

Because these methods are used to organize the information in short words or phrases that fulfill this computer science modern age.



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