Biggest Tokyo Game Show 2022 Announcements and Reveals

Playism Tokyo Game Show 2022 Recap
Playism Tokyo Game Show 2022 Recap

    PLAYISM GAME SHOW – TGS 2022 Preview

    PLAYISM GAME SHOW – TGS 2022 Preview is the latest digital show showcasing the latest games from Japan’s oldest indie game publisher ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, showcasing six new titles.

    It’s a physics-based grapple hook metroidvania from the creators of faxdoc, happy squared, and sunnydaze, currently scheduled for release in February 2023 for PC via Steam. Additionally, the mechanics are intuitive, but difficult to master due to the physics-based movement.

    Humanity is on the verge of collapse and a fairy invasion is coming. So, in order to survive, the witches empowered themselves with fairy magic. With the help of a shadow named Puck, he seeks to end the Age of Men and bring Fae back to the world.

    • Over 20 unique abilities to find
    • Adjustable strategy and gameplay
    • Defeat 6+ challenging bosses
    • 8 different weapons to find
    • Multiple endings
    • Interact with humans and fairies and try to find a way to travel the world to learn the story
    •  Discover lost shrines and abandoned computer stations and learn about ancient secrets and forgotten things
    • Beautiful and melancholic pixel art – Inspired by modern aesthetics, the world of Rusted Moss comes alive with moody pixels and stylish animations.

    Playism going to Announce

    PLAYISM is pleased to announce that Rusted Moss, a physics-based Metroidvania hack, is scheduled for release in 2023, and Aerial Bullet Hell Touhou Project is set to enter Steam Early Access on Sunday, October 23, 2022. We have announced the world. Release of Valkyrie of Phantasm.

    A remake of the side-scrolling bullet-snapping shooter “DRAINUS” and cult adventure game “Ib” set in an art museum is now available on Nintendo Switch.

    Marfusha, a furious card-based shooter side-scroller, and Drago Noka, a dragon-riding village simulator, will both be coming to consoles.

    Latest Edition

    The latest edition of the digital showcase, TGS 2022 Preview, will focus on the latest games from Japan’s oldest indie game publisher, best known for Bright Memory: Infinite, Gnosia and DEEEER Simulator, with six world premieres. release.

    Rusted Moss, a physics-based Metroidvania that replaces double-jumps with grappling hooks, will be localized and released for PC in 2023 by developers faxdoc, happysquared and sunnydaze, PLAYISM announced.

    Blast your opponents magically and mechanically in 360-degree battles as you deftly navigate interconnected environments.

    PLAYISM brings Valkyrie of Phantasm, an aerial action shooter set in the Touhou Project universe, to Steam worldwide, available in Early Access starting Sunday, October 23rd.

    Previously only available at the Touhou Fan Convention, Touhou Sky Arena developer Areazero’s latest game, Valkyrie of Phantasm, will soon be available to Touhou fans worldwide.

    PLAYISM and Why so Serious are answering fans’ prayers by officially announcing the Nintendo Switch version of DRAINUS, a bullet-sucking side-scroller from developers Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- and Touhou Luna Knights. The show announced the remake of Ib, which was a cult ad

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