Can I Find Jobs If I Took 5 6 Years To Get Bachelor’s Degree

You spend 6 years to get a bachelor’s degree. Want to learn how can I find jobs after 5 to 7 years of graduate 2023. Queries to help you to reach positions.

Can I Find Jobs If I Took 5 6 Years To Get Bachelor’s Degree
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Can I Find Jobs If I Took 5-6 Years To Get Bachelor’s Degree
Can I Find Jobs If I Took 6 Years To Get Bachelor’s Degree

You took more than 4 years to complete your bachelor’s degree. You are facing problems in finding jobs.

You need to follow good practices to find jobs faster. You should focus on the highest paying jobs with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

    Let’s start.

    I will discuss your issue with some frequently asked queries, which will help you more.

    It will help you make sure that you can find jobs even if you have completed your degree in 5 to 6 years.

    After 6 years of graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree, can I find a job?

    Yes, you can find jobs easily. 6 years of bachelor’s will not affect you too badly. Instead, it will be a positive thing to get jobs.

    Jobs are essential for each company. If you learn computer science wisely, You will find the best job.

    You will find a better job because you spend 6 years doing a degree rather than 4 years in your field. This leads to experience vs. degree discrimination. More experience implies more scope. Therefore, You should change your way of thinking.

    But I am not discouraging 4 years degree holders because I prefer to take 4 years for a bachelor’s degree.

    Jobs To Get after Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (Video from YouTube)

    Getting a job is an essential and easy step to take, and it is to reach out to the employer about your related jobs.

    Can you reach job employers?

    How can you reach your employer for a job
    How can you reach your employer for a job?

    Yes, You can reach out to your employer easily. You can reach through,

    • Jobs posting in Newspapers.
    • Social media, e.g., LinkedIn.
    • Advertisement.
    • By reference.
    • Reaching employers’ profiles directly.

    Following the profile of employers or companies on LinkedIn is the best practice for you.

    This will open more paths for you. If you reach out, start the next step of submitting your CV and Resume. Otherwise, try again until you find an employer.

    After making your CV or Resume, submit it to your employer. 

    My CV looks terrible because it took me 6 Years To Get a Bachelor’s Degree

    It is not a rule that 6 years of graduation is too bad. You must be confident about your CV and the data mentioned before submitting it. The reason is that 58% of students took 5 to 6 years. But 41% of US students finish their bachelor’s degree in 4 years. 

    ratio or trend in percentage for years taken by us students of bachelors degree cs

    Some Practices before submitting a CV. 

    Some important Practices or Things must be done before submitting your CV
    Some essential Practices or Things must be done before submitting your CV

    Important practices before submitting a CV for a bachelor’s job.

    Here I would like to discuss more effective practices before submitting your CV.

    1. Just mention the end year of the degree.
    2. Put Skills and Experience.
    3. Most Universities are not structured for 4 years.
    4. Don’t add a GPA if it is low.
    5. Go forward and be positive.
    6. Submit CV.
    7. Prepare for the interview.

    Let’s expand this list one by one.

    Do not mention the starting year; just put the year when it ends.

    As you get a bachelor’s degree, you will also make a CV. If you are afraid of 6 years of taking a bachelor’s degree, do not mention your starting year, and employers will just know when you end up with your bachelor’s degree.

    Skills and experience matter.

    Before submitting your CV to a bachelor’s employeradd your proper skills and experience. Bachelor’s will help you a little, but the background is the main thing to getting a job.

    Many universities are not structured for 4 years.

    As many universities in the US are not structured for 4 years, it does not matter how long you take for a bachelor’s. , But your efforts must be the base of a 4 years plan for a bachelor’s degree.

    Just go forward and show your positive attitude.

    Most students focus on CVs too much, and they do not move forward and do not take their first step. Your appointment for a job decision will depend on the employer’s interview, and you need to convince him there.

    Employers do not ask for details.

    Do not be afraid for 6 years or more because you can improve your CGPA, and it will replace the importance of the years you took to get a bachelor’s degree.

    Some other people say that they do not put their CGPA on their CV. 

    You can adopt this practice of not mentioning GPA on your CV, i.e., if it is low. But it is not a recommended way. Some jobs have highlighted lines in the description, and it demands eligibility requirements for GPA to apply, e.g., 3.00 to 3.50 GPA. Therefore, understand the needs of your job.

    These are some practices when making a CV. Now let’s discuss the next step.

    Submit your CV for a job having a bachelor’s degree.

    Submit your CV for a job having a bachelor degree in computer science
    Submit your CV for a job having a bachelor’s degree in computer science

    After checking your CV, submit it to the employer. You can wait for a reply and attend an interview. Your issue of a bachelor’s degree taking 6 years to complete will be resolved.

    You won’t feel fearful about jobs because a bachelor’s degree takes 6 years.

    Prepare for an Interview for a job at a bachelor’s employer.

    Now, just prepare yourself for the interview. While waiting for a reply about a job, you can attend it like a student who took 4 years or less. Be active in building your skills and experience.


    Employers care whether or not about university or certificate or how long it takes
    Employers care whether or not about university or certificate or how long it takes

    Do employers care how long it took you to Graduate?

    No employer asked how long it took to get a bachelor’s degree. But if someone asks, then do not panic. Tell him the year when you end.

    Do employers care where you got your Degree?

    Employers do not care about your platform. It does not matter whether you finished your bachelor’s from college or university, and you end it from a local area college or internationally.

    Do employers care about your University?

    This is a misconception about jobs. Most employers focus on your credibility. When you give an interview, employers will trail your eligibility for that particular job.

    If I Got a Bachelor’s Degree from a Popular University

    On the other hand, If you got a bachelor’s degree from a famous university, employers will just consider you credible due to the credibility of that university. But it will help you a little. Because they will judge you soon.

    Do employers care about graduate certificates?

    Yes, they check your skills and experience from certificates. It is essential for them as they will hire you for the company. They might ask for character certificates, short course certificates, or degree certificates.


    You have the proper way to find jobs and reach your employer. Even if you take 5 to 6 years to get a bachelor’s degree.

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