Effective Note Taking Strategies PDF for Elementary Students

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The best note-taking requires a proper strategy and technique. We will discuss a plan or strategy to adopt before, while, and after notes-taking.

I discuss some notes taking strategies to adopt with a proper technique,

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Effective Notes Taking Strategies

Before Taking Notes.

You have to make your mindset before taking notes. You have to find your goal of taking notes.

Clear the Purpose of Notes.

Purpose is the main priority of any task to achieve a 100% outcome. You must have to make your purpose of writing.

To find your purpose, you have to ask some points.

  • What is your purpose of writing?
    • To persuade.
    • To inform.
    • To prepare for exams
    • Or to instruct.
  • What goal will you achieve at the end?
  • Which type of notes will you take?

Prepare Tools for Note-taking.

You have to prepare tools like google notes, OneNote etc. 

Check whether your internet is running. Or your laptop or PC should be prepared.

If you are using a notebook, then prepare a pen, register and source i.e. textbook.

Select a Method to take Notes.

You have many methods to take notes. I have discussed them in a separate guide, please visit it.

    During Taking Notes.

    You should clear the following points during note-taking,

    • Take Notes that are Well-structured and Organized.
    • Write Clear or Readable Notes.

    This is a very essential stage of note-taking. You should be careful while taking notes.

    Write Clear or Readable Notes.

    Clear and clean write-up is very helpful to read and prepare for exams after taking the notes. Use short words and to the point so that you can make them clear.

    Take Notes that are Well-structured and Organized.

    You have to design your notes with a well-defined structure. Format them and use different colors to beautify them.

    Prepare your notes that would be helpful for everyone.

    After Taking Notes.

    All the important aspects that you have to see lie in this section. Here I will discuss all the points that you need to follow after note-taking.

    Read them and Find Missing Points.

    Reading after making notes can polish them from mistakes. When you take notes, you can not cover all the points. 

    That’s why to check whether you have written down all important steps and if anyone is missing.

    Write these Missing Points.

    You need to write these missing points in their possible places. To find the exact and all possible places where you can write these missing points, your notes must be organized. Here is the way to organize your notes.

    Save them that will be easily Available for Later.

    As you have made notes with too much struggle, if you follow all given steps. You should save them in organized form. You have to make a specific folder for it.

    If you are using a notebook, you should organize your notebook so that you can find it when you want.

    5 R’s note-taking Techniques:

    These 5 R’s techniques are too important for taking notes. You can use them while taking notes using Cornell method.


    You should record all important points that you are listening or watching.


    As you have made notes of fresh content, you may forget it. Therefore, you should concise them and make them simple and short i.e. reduce as possible.


    Recite i.e. read all the notes to find mistakes and less useful words.


    In this step, you have to reflect i.e. edit to all of your notes. Improve your 

    1. mistakes
    2. and less useful words.


    In this step, you have to review i.e. read again and check your notes to prepare them as your final product.

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