Hackers could Threat our GPS due to Vulnerability in Computer Security

Do you know that cybersecurity is so safe that no one can even breathe against it. But still hackers can attack computer systems. How? Let’s explore!

hacker threats the GPS in cybersecurity

First you have to understand some technical terms in an easy way.

  • Global Positioning System
  • Computer Security
  • Vulnerability
  • Vulnerability management system
  • Security Mails
  • Threats

    Global Positioning System

    The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based wireless navigation system consisting of a constellation of satellites.

    It broadcasts navigation signals and a network of ground and satellite control stations for monitoring and control.

    The system is operated and maintained by the United States government and is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver.

    GPS Cyber Security

    As with any technology that is connected to the internet or other networks, GPS systems can be vulnerable to cyber security threats such as hacking, spoofing, and jamming.

    These threats can disrupt the normal operation of GPS and lead to navigation errors or even complete system failure.

    In order to protect against these threats,

    It is important to use secure communication protocols,

    Ensure that all software and firmware is up to date,

    Properly configured,

    And use GPS receivers that are resistant to jamming and spoofing.

    It is used in,

    • Cars
    • Buildings
    • And all Navigation systems etc.

    Computer Security

    In simple words, computer security ensures the security of computer-based systems. It uses different techniques to protect the computer system or information system from threats.

    Security Mails

    Security mails are sent to users to ensure whether their accounts are secure. It alerts the users from any threat.

    Is security facebookmail com phishing

    No. the mail security@facebookmail.com is official mail from facebook to send you security alerts. There is no threat to your account with security@facebookmail.com.

    Cybersecurity Threat

    protection of Cybersecurity Threats for hackers
    Computer Security

    Threat is any danger to computer systems from any malware or hacker attack using vulnerability. Threat creates problems for users in computer security.

    What are two common security threats that its personnel encounter in businesses on a regular basis?

    Financial pretexting and phishing account for 98% of social incidents and 93% of all investigated violations.


    Vulnerability is any security gap or openness to be harmed by any threat easily in the computer system. It is a weakness of computer security which is used by hackers.

    The main reason for attacks on computer security is vulnerability. Therefore, we will discuss in detail about the reason and way to protect from being attacked due to it.

    What is a vulnerability management program?

    vulnerability management program for computer security
    Vulnerability Management

    Vulnerability management is broadly described as a way of identifying, classifying, fixing and mitigating vulnerabilities. It is also described as finding, reporting, prioritizing and responding to network vulnerabilities.

    Vulnerability management is no longer an organizational choice and is actually required by multiple compliance, audit and risk management frameworks. 

    SANS Security Controls is the fourth modern framework for continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation. “Identify vulnerabilities and attackers.”

    Bluetooth Technology

    The modern age has a large scale use of bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is easily usable due to wireless. There are some vulnerabilities given below in bluetooth technology.

    1. Bluesnarfing 
    2. Eavesdropping
    3. Denial of service
    4. Viruses and worms
    5. Bluetooth headsets vulnerability.

    Tips to secure bluetooth technology

    To secure your bluetooth devices from threats of hacker, You need to follow these techniques:

    • Reject pairing requests from unknown devices.
    • Keep your operating system up to date.
    • Buy a device with adequate security features.

    Four stages of vulnerability management

    1. Discovery

    This list is constantly changing and needs constant updating. However, make sure that all assets are identified, classified and valued.

    2. Report

    This is done using a vulnerability scanner that generates reports of all known vulnerabilities for network assets.

    3. Prioritization 

    Depending on the size of your organization and the age of your assets, the list of known vulnerabilities can be a page long.

    4. Response

    The goal of discovering, reporting, and prioritizing vulnerabilities is to help teams focus their remediation on the biggest network risks.

    Vulnerability Scanning Services

    I am going to list Vulnerability scanning tools that provide the vulnerability scanning services.

    • Nikto2
    • OpenVAS.
    • W3AF.
    • Arachni.
    • Acunetix.
    • Nmap.
    • OpenSCAP.

    Have you understood about the hackers attack on the vulnerability of computer security of GPS.

    Thanks for reading!

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