5 Practical Tips: Helping Young Adults Find Their Way 2023

The purpose of teen is a necessary part of his life. He cannot live his life without a proper way for a long time happily.

Looking for a great guide that can help you to train young adults!

In this young age, teenagers are at a critical stage in their lives. It is a turning point for adults or teens.

Practical Tips to Help Young Adults Find Their Way 2023

Here they are getting started with exploring their interests, values, and goals.

You can play a vital role in helping them find their way as a parent. You have a responsibility to make the most of this exciting time.

Without wasting your time, I want to tell you that this guide will explore practical tips. You can support your teens as they discover their purpose.

Helping Young Adults Find Their Way: Practical Tips for Supporting Teens as They Explore Their Interests and Goals

When you follow this detailed guide they can pursue their passions. I will discuss many points like strategies for,

  • Finding purpose
  • Finding passion
  • Improving academic performance
  • Improving studies
  • Better grades
  • Building habits

Help Your Teens Find Their Purpose

You have to help them on different aspects and encourage them to increase their values.

Help Your Teens Find Their Purpose
Help your Teen to Find his Purpose

Help them to find their strengths, interests, and values

One of the basic steps to help is to encourage them. You have to reflect on what they are good at. You have to help them to discover what they enjoy.

When you are able to do so, then it will save their time. It will make them successful to focus on their plus points.

Encourage teens to try new things

You have to raise your teenager to try different activities and hobbies.

You can help them to help them discover what they enjoy and what they are good at.

They can discover and increase their potential both inside and outside of school.

Help them to set goals

Try to encourage your teenager to set short-term and long-term goals for themselves.

You have to work with them to create a plan for achieving those goals.

Warren Buffett says: ‘An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan’.

Help to seek out role models

The big thing is that you encourage teenagers to identify role models or mentors.

These role models are those who can provide guidance and support. Also help them to explore their interests and goals.

Tips for Helping Young Adult to Find their Purpose

  • Help your teenager reflect on their strengths, interests and values.
  • Encourage them to try new things, set goals, and find role models.
  • Encourage academic success by setting goals, creating a study schedule and seeking help if needed.
  • Guide them in researching and visiting colleges. Also to prepare for entrance exams and exploring career options.
  • Encourage them to identify their strengths and skills. Help to seek out job or internship opportunities.

Help Your Teens Find Their Passion

Encourage him to ask questions

You have to train your teenager to ask questions. It helps them to seek out information about their passions.

This can also help them gain a deeper understanding about their interests and goals.

Help to find opportunities to learn and grow

You have to guide them to identify opportunities to learn.

Therefore, they can grow in their areas of interest like internships, apprenticeships or volunteer work.

Encourage to share their passions with others

They need to share their passions with others. They do so through social media, clubs or organizations.

They can do so simply by talking to friends and family. This can help them build connections and support networks. Building networks can help them pursue their goals.

Encourage teens to take risks

Make them able to understand the importance of taking risks.

They have to try new things in order to find their passion.

They will face many difficulties and risks. You have to teach them to accept and face these problems. They don’t need to be afraid to take risks.

Help Your Teens to Get Better Grades

Help to set clear academic goals

You have to encourage your teenager to set specific goals.

These goals must be achievable for their academic performance. They have to work with them to create a plan for achieving those goals.

Help to create a study schedule

Your teenager needs to create a study schedule. It allows them to allocate proper time for each subject.

You have to make sure that they have a quiet, distraction-free place to study. If their mind remains calm, then they can focus.

Emphasize the importance of a growth mindset

You need to help them to understand the importance of a growth mindset.

The facts about growth mindset can make them realize how it can help them overcome challenges. It can help them to improve their grades.

Supporting Teens as They Make Decisions

It is very important to support young adults when they try to decide something. Whether it is wrong or right, they would learn a lesson from it.

Supporting Teens as They Make Decisions

If you want to stop them, do not force them. But give suggestions with a calm mind.

Encouraging teens to think critically

You have to help them, how to think critically. They should learn as soon as possible to evaluate different options before making a decision.

It is very important for any person who wants to make a good decision on the basis of facts.

Help to weigh the pros and cons

They have to weigh the pros and cons of different choices. Therefore, they need to make an informed decision. You can help them alot.

Teach to take responsibility for their decisions

They have to take responsibility for their decisions.

They need to learn from the outcomes, whether good or bad. They need to realize the intensity of any decision.

Supporting to navigate difficult decisions

Be there to support them as they need to make difficult decisions. Just provide guidance when needed.

Help to Build Positive Study Habits

You have to give guidance and indication for their habits for study while,

Setting clear academic goals

You have to set simple goals for their study. They need to work with them to create a plan for those goals.

In the beginning, they will find many difficulties. But they will soon understand the importance of planning.

Creating a study schedule and asking for help

They need to create a study schedule that allows them to fix time for each subject. A schedule is part of planning. Therefore, it should be clear and achievable.

You should encourage them to ask for help if they are struggling with a subject. They can ask for help whether it’s from a teacher, tutor, or peer.

Building a positive attitude towards learning

They should develop a positive attitude towards learning. They can build it by highlighting the importance of education.

You should encourage them to take an active interest in their studies.

4 Steps for Parents to Help Young Adults Discover Purpose

Many young people struggle to find their purpose in life. As parents, we can support their journey of discovery by fostering their passion, idealism, and quest for meaning. Here are four actions to take:

Ask questions: Start a conversation by asking what they enjoy, what makes them happy, and what they find meaningful. Challenge them to come up with three-lifetime goals.

Encourage experiences: Support young adults in pursuing experiences outside the home, such as wilderness retreats, travel, service projects, or contemplative retreats. These can help tap into their energy, interest, or passion.

Help them identify strengths: Assist young adults in becoming aware of their strengths, positive qualities, and interests. Use free self-assessments to guide the process.

Engage as fellow travelers: Be a partner in the search for purpose and meaning. Offer to take the assessments together and discuss the results. Encourage open communication and offer support.

How to help your young adult when they’re struggling with something?

Let’s discuss something great list which can help you to support them!

How to Help Your Struggling Young Adult

  1. Normal Struggles
  • Understand that the struggles faced by your young adult are common among their peers.
  • Find support among other parents who are going through similar experiences.
  1. Avoid Panicking
  • Avoid reacting in a panicked manner as it will cause your young adult to panic too.
  1. Avoid Catastrophizing
  • Do not project terrible outcomes in the future as it’s not helpful.
  • Your young adult has a good chance of getting through the current challenge.
  1. Take a Break
  • Let your spouse or family member take the call occasionally for a break.
  1. Ask Questions
  • Ask “How can I help?” or “What do you want to see happen next?”
  • This allows your young adult to engage in problem-solving.
  1. Let Go of Control
  • Remember that you don’t have full control over your young adult’s future.
  1. Don’t Take It Personally
  • Displacement is common, your young adult may “kick” you when frustrated but it’s not personal.
  1. Consider If It’s About You
  • If your young adult is angry with you, try to understand the cause and apologize if necessary.
  1. Offer Reasonable Support
  • Offer support that you can reasonably provide, while taking care of your own well-being.
  1. Seek Support for Mental Health & Substance Use Issues
  • NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is a good parent resource for mental health issues, seek support from local parent groups if needed.
  • Realize that you can’t fix everything but can provide emotional and material support.

Tips For Parents to Keep the that Journey Up

  1. Don’t panic or jump to negative conclusions.
  2. Take a breather and clarify what’s happening.
  3. Accept that you can’t control the future.
  4. Apologize for any mistakes and try to understand their perspective.
  5. Give supportive help that makes sense for the situation.
  6. Seek professional help for any mental health or substance abuse issues.
  7. Offer encouragement instead of trying to “fix” everything.
  8. Be available as a resource for your young adult child.
  9. Adopt a grateful outlook and focus on what you can do to help.
  10. Remember that young adulthood can be tough, but most people eventually find success and happiness.
  11. Realize that your role is to provide support and not try to control everything.
  12. Give your child space to grow, but stay connected and be there for them through the ups and downs of the “zigzagging road to adulthood”.


It is important to clear your doubts while helping young adults find their way. Therefore, these queries are very important to help you.

What are some strategies to manage their stress and anxiety?

If you want to manage their stress and anxiety, you have to follow some point given below,

  • Encourage regular exercise and healthy eating habits
  • Encourage them to find healthy ways to cope with stress like through mindfulness or journaling
  • Help them to set realistic goals and prioritize self-care
  • Encourage them to seek professional help if needed

How can I help my teenager navigate social media and internet safety?

You can navigate social media by following instructions,

  • Set clear guidelines and monitor use like time limit and appropriate content
  • Discuss risks and negative effects
  • Keep communication open

How can I help my teenager make good decisions about drugs and alcohol?

You can help them a lot and following pointers will help you,

  • Start early and provide accurate information
  • Teach them to say no and make good choices
  • Encourage them to seek help if needed
  • Educate them about alcohols and their negative effects
  • Discuss about adictable elements in alcohols

How can I support them as they navigate the college application process?

You can support them by helping them according to points given below,

  • Encourage early planning and research
  • Help set goals and create a timeline
  • Provide resources and review application materials
  • Be available to provide feedback


I want to suggest to you that young adults are at a critical stage in their lives. They need to explore their interests, values, and goals.

As a parent or caregiver, it’s important to guide them during this exciting time by

  • Encouraging them to reflect on their strengths, interests and values,
  • Helping them set goals
  • And encouraging them to seek out role models or mentors.

It would be great if you help them to explore their passions. They should develop good study habits that can also support their academic success.

By following these tips, you can help your teenager find their way and make exciting times in their lives.

That was pretty much that is leading you to make sure the success of you young adults or teens.

Thanks for reading! If you like it, please share it to help others. Because sharing is caring.

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