How to Choose a Career Path in Computer Science Reddit 2024

I am talking about the career selection of a department for any beginner. Is it easy to find the best choice of your favor? What strategies must be adopted before making this kind of decision?

How to Know if a Computer Science Degree is Right for You as a Beginner?

Their many Question arises in mind,


  • What are the benefits of a Computer Science Degree?
  • Is Computer Science Degree Worth it?
  • If I will choose it, then what should I do next?
  • What degree to choose and How long it would take?

If you seek that kind of question, you are at the right place.

Computer science is the requirement of every field.

We know that the applications of Computer Science are used in our everyday daily life in the form of many digital resources like applications and websites.

To reach that need, the requirement of professionals is on a Large scale. So, the worthiness of Computer Science is cleared here.

I don’t want to waste your time, so we will discuss it very clearly and briefly in Short.

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Having the best skill-set, you can achieve your goals easily. Before doing any kind of degree in the world, a skill set that is very important for any Computer Science expert is below.

  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Interest

Communication Skills

The most potent skill is communication skill.

That’s why you would get an opportunity to learn Communication skills in your Computer Science Degree Program. You must have a better grip on the Four Communication skills are given below:

  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • You should also explore non-Verbal Communication skills
    • Body Language
    • Gestures
    • Postures
    • Meta language

Communication skills are the Number one among all skills in the world.

So, it is Important to Learn. After that you can develop other skills.

Analytical Skills

To do CS, observation, and rules to analyze the problems before solving them are very important.


Problem-solving means taking some meaningful steps to solve the problem.

In the problem-solving phase, computer-based problem solving involves

  • Designing,
  • Implementing,
  • And using programming tools.

Using this method, computer systems can understand human logic more easily than machine logic.

It is important that these instructions are clearly defined so that the problem can be solved.


Creativity is also essential for any CS expert. Creativity means doing/creating something different on your own. Here, the work and tasks you do will be done by you.

Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or realize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may help solve problems, communicate with others, and educate them.

Three reasons why people want to be creative:

  • The need for innovative,
  • Ideas and values ​​must be presented in interesting way
  • Need to solve the problem in creative way.

Critical Thinking

I want to tell you that, if you do anything in the world, the thinking and mindset are essential part of the business.

It develops your mind and your thinking power. You can make many important decisions.

If you think critically and thoughtfully, it makes you a boss and a good leader.

Now in Computer Science, all skills are essential given before, you must think about critical thinking skills, which would help you make profound and crucial decisions.

Proper decisions are part of practical Life.

Develop Interest in your Field

If you have all the skills given above before and have no interest in your field, you might face many difficulties because you are not attracted to this.

As you are doing it just for formalities, not for being fond of computer’s work.

You can do computer science without interest because when you will work with computer science, it will become interesting with time.

Important Point to Note before Choosing CS Skills

  • You see all the above skills,
    • If you have not any in them,
    • Don’t worry, you can develop.
  • These are just for your information, not to afraid,
  • So if you like to learn these skills,
    • Join Computer Science courses
    • And Learn them.
  • Skills can be developed. They just do struggle to learn.
  • If you see the whole above content, you have a better idea of what type of degree Computer Science is?

Now, look at some famous and essential Skills and Degrees in Computer Science.

Programming or Coding

I have discussed Programming with some queries; you can explore website to check.

As this is a popular skill, I hope you have already heard about it.

Shortly, programming or coding involves writing instructions to guide the computer to perform specific tasks and control the functionality of computer hardware. I won’t delve too deep as that may be confusing and boring.

Through program writing, we can develop many things like:

  • Software
  • Apps
  • Websites
  • Game Software
  • Official or Professional Software for Business purposes
  • And many types of programming languages to code.

Machine Learning

This skill is related to programming.

In machine learning, you learn the method of working with machines simply.

Actually, the relationship developed here between hardware and software with the help of codes or programs. It is a more profitable skill.

Machine Learning is used to predict many instances with the help of Calculus and Physics. It tells about the weather and what’s next, based on probability and stats.

It can also predict what the graph of COVID-19 cases will look like next.

Artificial Intelligence

You have already seen the

  • Google search engine,
  • or Amazon.

Artificial intelligence is used to recommend related

  • content,
  • ads,
  • and products according to your interest.

This system has been used in,

  • YouTube,
  • Google,
  • Bing,
  • Yahoo,
  • Dailymotion,
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • And other popular platforms that use Artificial Intelligence to control a vast amount of data and information.

This is one use of AI, but it has vast uses in computer science.

Management and Security

  • To make a platform to share with the general public, we need to make it secure and valuable in an organized pattern.
  • We need the security of that network or platform.
  • We need to protect the information and data of people in this way to build trust for the company.
  • To make them engaged with that platform,
    • the management,
    • and security of that platform are very useful.

So this is also very important for any online platform.


Imagine being the digital guardian of the internet, protecting sensitive data from cyber threats and hackers! Cybersecurity is like the knight in shining armor of the digital realm. In this field, you’ll learn to thwart cyber attacks, safeguard networks, and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. It’s a high-stakes game of cat and mouse where every victory feels like saving the world!

Data Science

Welcome to the world of data detectives! Data science is where you uncover hidden insights and patterns from mountains of data. It’s like being a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, but instead of solving crimes, you’re unraveling mysteries in data sets. With machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques, you’ll predict future trends, optimize business strategies, and unlock the secrets hidden within the data. Get ready to be amazed by the power of numbers!

Cloud Computing

Picture yourself as the conductor of the digital orchestra, orchestrating the flow of data across the cloud! Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way we store, process, and access information. In this field, you’ll harness the power of virtualized resources to build scalable and flexible IT infrastructures. From hosting websites to running complex applications, the cloud offers endless possibilities. It’s like having your head in the clouds, but in the best way possible!

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Step into the realm of augmented and virtual worlds, where reality meets imagination! AR and VR technologies are blurring the lines between the physical and digital realms, creating immersive experiences like never before. In this field, you’ll design virtual environments, develop interactive simulations, and bring futuristic concepts to life. From gaming to education to healthcare, AR and VR are transforming industries and reshaping the way we perceive reality. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the realms of the unreal!

Internet of Things (IoT)

Enter the era of interconnected devices, where every object becomes a smart gadget in a vast network of things! IoT is like giving life to inanimate objects, enabling them to communicate, collaborate, and make decisions autonomously. In this field, you’ll design sensor networks, develop IoT applications, and build intelligent systems that enhance efficiency and convenience in our daily lives. From smart homes to smart cities, IoT is revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us. Get ready to witness the magic of connectivity!

With these fascinating fields in computer science, the journey ahead is bound to be filled with excitement, discovery, and endless possibilities.

So, which path will you choose to embark on your adventure in the world of technology? The decision is yours, and the future is waiting to be shaped by your creativity and passion!

Graphic Designing

This is also demanding for mainly developing software, website, apps, and games.

  • LOGO Designing, 
  • Headers, 
  • Footers, 
  • Template
  • Videos, 
  • Images, 
  • Business cards, 
  •  CV, 
  • Resume, 
  • and Invitation cards etc., have been created by Graphics Designer. 
  • So it is a Demanding and essential field.

We have seen some Important or Demanding fields. There are many, and many more skills are in Computer Science.

So, the topic on which we focus on which Computer Science Degree is Right for you?

You can research these skills quickly.

At last, we reached that point to tell you that which computer science degree is right for you?

You know better about your profession and career, so you have the right to decide how to spend and pass this, and if you and your opinions do not exist anywhere, then, Is your Degree exist anywhere? Please tell me in Comment Box.

I can recommend you just. The decision to choose is your choice, and I can clear your mindset only.

You should not follow the recommendations of your own parents, Friends, and Family members.

Hopefully, you understand what I am saying.


The point before Choosing Computer Science Degree Right for me?

  • Explore the world get other’s viewpoint
  • Don’t choose Degree just for other’s opinions
  • Check all the skills that exist in the world to clear your point.
  • See old students and Decide to Choose CS in your own Interest.
  • If you did not read the above Secrets, Please read them.
  • Your life, career, and decisions should be based on your favorite and ease.
  • So, just get ideas from others and do practical and complete investigations on it and then choose.

I hope you have reached the point of the last section. If you have any recommendations to add or Queries to ask, the comment section is for You.

If you feel it is helpful for you a little bit, please share it with your friends and comment for your opinions.


That’s it for Now…

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Good Luck!

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These are relevant articles to Computer Science Fields. I have discussed all the possible problems or issues and their solutions.

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