How to Learn Computer Science From Scratch Reddit Quora? [2024]

  • If I will be able to do computer science or not?
  • Is it right for me to join computer science as a beginner?
  • May I be good enough in doing computer science?
  • Will computer science be easy and exciting for me?

And many other questions, which I will discuss in this session.

So, let me start from the perspective of someone who has zero knowledge of computer science.

How to Learn Computer Science for Beginners 2023
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How Can You Learn Computer Science as a Beginner?

Getting started in any field brings many queries and questions.

What if they join computer science and become computer experts?The person is capable, even if they don’t know the meaning of a computer. Computer science is an exciting and enjoyable field for all. Moreover, computer science has become essential in every aspect of life, and it facilitates solving mathematical problems easily.

Programming has become highly effective and productive for the developing world. Today’s programming is very different from older programming. The newly introduced and available languages like Java, PHP, and Python have become much easier than those introduced 5 to 10 years ago.

You can pursue a career in computer science at any time. If you have an interest, it’s not difficult.

These are some essential considerations to keep in mind before delving into the field of computer science.

How to Get Started in Computer Science?

Getting started with computer science and programming can be challenging.


Its reason is that when you see already developed programs which are made with the Years of struggle.

Therefore you cannot understand it being a beginner. As you don’t know the Basics of Programming, you panic and give up at a time.

Overthinking like this is one of the basic hurdle for you.

To get started, you need to clear all the basics of computer science, and you need to start still from the definition of computing.

Is Computer Science Programming Only?

No, computer science is not only the writing a bundle of programs, but also it is not only a theory. Therefore, it contains a set of both. Here we learn programming, which is an essential computer tool.

We study many diversified topics like

  • Graphics,
  • Management,
  • Problem-solving,
  • and others.

These are assets of computer science that will be really beneficial for you.

This is very important for you to know about computer science before learning it, and you need to read it out entirely till the end.

Let’s take a look!


One of the most fantastic fields in Computer science is Graphics, which is broad and separately known all around. Therefore, you need to know about Graph Theory. You will know the background working of graphics computers with the help of graph theory.


 Is programmer writes just code every time?

In Programming, the Programmer does not always do programming all the day, and he does not sit before the Screen.

Programmer does many kinds of tasks. A programmer does paperwork, makes logic, and designs the complete information in better form.

In programming, you don’t need only to learn how to write the program in any programming language.

You also need to know how to write algorithms and problem-solving techniques.

You need to develop your logic-building skills. You need to work on the paper to give a model to any program you are writing.

The Games, Applications, and Software are run better due to better programming skills.

The software that is developed based on an organized mindset and logic-building skills became more successful in next phases.

So the purpose of talking about an organized mindset is that theory and practical work both are essential part of computer science.

Hope you got it.

You see Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, and all Social media websites, and you can see windows operating systems (OS).

These are all developed by computer science programming having an ideology. 

That’s why programming is just tool with ideas and purpose of what we will develop.

So, keep in mind all the above things. Our next point is relevant.

Research is important!

If Proper Research is involved when developing the software, then a better output would be achieved. Any task’s performance, on any platform can be done, very attractively and effectively.

Let me tell you a story!

For example, if you have editing skills, you can edit any picture, but you can develop the images if and only if you have researched the trends and the story to convey is in your mind.

You know better the difference between a picture (which contains objects) and an image (which reflects thoughts and convey hidden message).

Hope you understand the given an example.

Research gives you, 

  • many ideas,
  • optimize your thoughts,
  • helpful plot the story,
  • and you experience other’s work.

Visit Random Platforms

Computer science is available on different platforms, especially online, to learn the basics.

Books are the most useful tools to learn.

These are the most effective ones because the reader can consume knowledge slowly, and the slow process works for long-term.

Therefore, valuable books play an essential role in learning computer science.

You can,

  • Install mobile apps,
  • Documents in pdf or Docx form,
  • Software,
  • and Online websites.

Online website content of trusted platforms is the best source of learning.

Many sites like Khan academy or Hacker Rank are,

  • Incredible
  • and have better representation of content than ordinary books.

Join Computer Science Student’s Organizations

The students and classmates are better option to learn computer science.

Personal experience proves it

According to my personal experience, when you talk about a particular problem with others, you have gripped better on that topic for the long-term.

So, that will be a better option for you. You can work on that idea if you like to work with community and group work.

Make friendships with seniors and old students of CS

Most students feel fear to talk with teachers. And they could not discuss questions about their problems openly.

Due to this fear,

  • They always miss essential points and queries.
  • They forgot that thing, in most cases, which was most important.

Solution of your Fear

The better solution is that you should build friendship with the seniors.

Therefore, you will get

  • some instructions and
  • guidelines for planning your goals.

Work on your Small projects

You have to do some creative and productive activities while learning computer science. You have to work with proper projects.

Let’s see the example!

For example, if you are doing programming, you can do basic projects

  • To calculate something,
    •  i.e., an income calculator
    • addition
    • subtraction
    • remainder
    • decimal from binary numbers etc.
  • simple box generator.
  • factorial of any number.
  • small car stand program that can tell customer’s name, I’d, and rent.
  • And many type of small projects can be done.

These projects will enhance your skills and expertise in the field of Computer Science that you are learning.

Engage in Practical Tasks Related to Computer Science

Computer Science is a hands-on field. Engage in practical tasks and learning activities in computer science, and explore research and journals of computer scientists to gain new ideas.

Keep Your Mind Fresh

Your mind is like a powerful computer, and it needs rest to function properly and efficiently. Therefore, it’s crucial to prioritize mental rest to keep it fresh.


There are many other essential aspects to consider when learning computer science.

However, the points discussed here are sufficient to get started for beginners, covering the necessary information.

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