How to Learn Computer Science Without College Reddit 2024

Learning computer science as a beginner without going to school will become easier with this guide.

Can you Learn Computer Science Without Going to School for Free?
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Can You Learn Computer Science as a Fresher Online?

Can you Learn Computer Science without going to School?

Yes, you can do it.

I have some facts for you that would be proved very helpful in your life to choose an online degree and understand the importance and benefits of an Online degree.

I have to tell you the reason behind choosing the online degree.

I am very excited to quickly tell you about the online degree in computer science.

Do you excited?

So, let’s get started!

Do you know Computer Science is the main branch of every technology that relates to electronics and computers?

Do you want to select Computer Science as a career and want to learn it online?

Do you want to adopt Computer Science as your passion?

Teach yourself Computer Science without going to School or College

Before choosing Computer Science as a career and before starting Computer Science degree online.

You have to make clear your mind on some points that are given below:

Is it possible to learn a CS degree on your own?

Is it possible to learn a CS degree on your own?

For a better understanding, you have to think about your classroom. When you were sitting with your fellows.

Have you been able to understand the topic, doing you are?

When you tried yourself, you needed the help of your teacher.

So the point is, the proper understanding is only possible when your teacher is available to you, which might be online or offline.

It does not matter if you are learning offline or online, but you need proper attention on what you are doing when your teacher is delivering lectures.

Online learning or distance learning is quite different and difficult for you may be.

Especially if you have been took campus lectures only and never take lectures online in your life before that.

Why Computer Science online?

Why Computer Science online?
Because there are many reasons behind it, which will be described here one by one.


1. Online Computer Science degree is very flexible to learn as compared to other degree programs.


2. It provides access to everyone around the world, who has an internet connection and a laptop or a computer.


3. Online degrees are available to you anytime you want.


4. The fee of online degrees is quite affordable as compared to other degrees.

Study in your environment:

5. You can learn it in your environment with full comfort and ease.


6. It saves your precious time.

No need to quit the job:

7. You can also earn your degree while doing a job or a business.

No need to go anywhere:

8. You don’t need to go anywhere, just stay at home and start learning.
Are these not enough?

How to develop an interest in Computer Science?

How to develop an interest in Computer Science?

How you can develop interest in Computer Science?

Leave the habit of time wastage.
Make your environment conducive to study.

Assess your ability and interest in Computer Science

Assess your ability and interest in Computer Science

You have to ask yourself some questions before starting the journey of learning Computer Science online.

Some questions are:

1. Is it your passion to learn Computer Science?
2. Do you have any experience in Computer Science before?
3. Are you very good at programming and coding?
4. Do you have the capability to understand logical problems?
5. Do you have the ability to solve logical problems?
6. Are you good at math?
7. Are you interested in technology?
8. Do you love to play with electronics?

Now for quick tips!

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In the end, I will say that, it is possible to learn Computer Science online, but you have to keep some important points in your mind.

Here are some points:

Make your environment conducive to study.

Leave the habit of time wastage.

Develop interest in Computer Science first.

Assess your ability and interest in Computer Science.

Then start learning online.

Keep in mind the above points and you will be successful in the field of Computer Science.

Best of luck!

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