How to Solve a Problem in Computer Programming 2023

How to Solve a Problem in Computer Programming

Let’s think like a programmer for free!!!

This blog post is not any magical stick to make a problem solver. It is just a reminder of what you are missing. You have to connect the dots and build an empire. I believe that it will help you a lot and leave the habit of delaying the work.

Keep focus till the end you will definitely enjoy it!

If you will write what is not required and do not focus on core things of programming then no one can correct you.

A problem is what, any difficulty or hurdle that stops you to reach your destination.

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All the programmers focus on tools and learning programming languages which is very important. But the most important one is problem-solving.

Hurdle behind Problem Solving!

I am going to discuss the main thing that stops you. You started procrastinating to write programs.

men is try solve cube problem like a programmer solve problems in coding
Problem Solving

Less people here on the internet who talk about it. You need to address this problem.

And that main thing is, “logic building”!

If you will be successful in building logic, you will start solving your problems.

Most of the time you start writing the program and when you need to apply logic, you fail and leave.

Imagine if this problem needed two lines of logic! You just stopped working on your bigger project due two lines of code.

So logic building is a must!!!

How to Build a Logic?

You have to build your logic with these different steps and you will succeed in doing great in programming.

a programmer is sitting before computer science build a logic
Build a Logic

If you follow these steps properly, I bet you that you will definitely change your life.

Fundamental Laws

When I got started, I thought: “I know everything. I am perfect. Others are doing great, I’ll definitely do better than others.”

Why was I wrong?

I was wrong because I was a beginner. Because you know 90% of beginners think the same.

You have to start working on fundamentals properly. People think that only problem solving is enough.

Programming fundamentals are a very important thing to think like a programmer. Your problem solving makes it complete.

If you know what more features are available, it will facilitate you more in building logic in the program.

Code Yourself

You have to write code by yourself. You can’t learn how to ride a horse until you do so.

Why am I saying this?

The meaning is, you could not learn a program, if you will not write code and start solving your problems. It will enhance your understanding.

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I watch dozens of tutorials on YouTube and read blog posts. But the next morning, I couldn’t remember anything.

Get Help

You should get help from others. If you could not reach a conclusion. Now you have to get help from others’ logic.


The Internet is a good approach to find a handsome amount of solutions. There are ample resources like Stack Overflow, or GitHub.

Dry Run You Code

You are writing a program and compiling it again and again.

If you would know the concepts of how the program is running, you will find the bug easily.

Understand your code. I know everyone could not remember every point of how the program is compiling.

Have you ever dry run your program?

Dry running of code makes you able to understand the problem.

For this you have to write algorithms and code on paper and find out how to solve that problem.

On paper, you have to follow the process of how the compiler will run that code.

Learn Data Structures

As a beginner, it is difficult to learn DS but I prefer to learn it after learning the fundamentals of programming. First you will learn the fundamentals and then learn Data Structures. OOPs is also mandatory to learn DS.

And believe me it works. Data Structures will arrange the data with less code in a systematic way.

Data Structures contain Arrays, Linked list, Queue, Stack, Graph, Tree, etc.

Now it is time to see steps to solving a programming problem.

steps to solving a programming problem written to do one step when get started
Steps to solving a Programming Problem

Step 1: Understand the Problem.

You should understand the problem you will face.

Let see some simple example,

For example, you have a problem about printing a table of 5.

If you copy and paste it manually. It is not too difficult.

But when I say to print the tables from 2 to 20. Here you need to apply loops.

You will get the same results from less code and get rid of pasting and changing it again and again.

Step 2: Break it into Small Problems.

A big problem can never be solved at a time.

You have to focus on its complexities and divide it into different portions.

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The picture would be cleared in your mind.

For example, building a shopping card may contain different buttons and functionalities.

Build the logic of one button and stay focused only on it. Then build another one.

Some Tips: How Should I Start Solving a Coding Problem

  1. Sketch and draw the concepts of your problem.
  2. Make flowcharts and algorithms.
  3. Dry Run and focus on functionality.
  4. Write clean code and comment out different sections.

Step 3: Do Paper Work

Get the paper and run your program without a compiler on paper.

If you have any confusion, your paper-work will help you a lot.

For example, You have to generate a form that validates and stores the data in the database dynamically.

You should draw the whole system. Like how the data will go to the database.

What will happen (how to show error), if the user leaves any blank then what message you need to show.

Step 4: Write Code.

Now the time to write the code and believe me if you know the basics of code syntax. You will face less errors in code.

Writing code is not a difficult task, if you learn the language in a better way.

Last Words

Please never ignore logic building and the basics of your programming languages.

Experts Attitude

If you want to be a successful programmer, adopt the expert attitude.

Experts Attitude is, doing the basics (that you feel are basic) for a hundred times. This is the secret of being an expert.

If you are confused about anything. Do experiments on it and then see the results. It will clear whether you were right or wrong.

FAQs: Problem Solving

Let’s discuss some questions!

How should I start solving a coding problem?

You should never leave any task due to problems. You just start and build logic for it. Make algorithms and flowcharts. Then write code. You will get the solution.

Steps to Solving a Programming Problem

You should follow these steps to write best code,

  • Step 1: Understand the Problem.
  • Step 2: Break it into Small Problems.
  • Step 3: Do Paper Work
  • Step 4: Write Code.

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