Most Effective Note-taking Tips and Techniques on Your Laptop or PC

Want to avoid distractions while making notes on screen? Your laptop has many benefits. But the issue with you is that you could not be focused using a laptop or PC. Do you? Let’s find tips!

Best Ways to Take Notes on Laptop Reddit

A lot of content is available on the internet. You can access them easily but still you have problems in your learning.

secret tips and techniques of taking notes on laptop

It does not matter how much detailed material is available on the internet. But it matters how much data you can consume and produce more on the basis of it.

    Note Taking Tips for Online Classes

    Let’s discuss in details!

    Keep in your Control

    A laptop or computer should be in your control, not you.

    Let me tell you a story!

    Imagine when you are using social media. You lose your focus and start scrolling or watching. Your time passes like you have traveled for many hours in the future.

    Suddenly, you see the time. You are confused. What happened? đŸ¤”

    The reality is that you were controlled by social media. In other words you lost your senses deeply in your laptop.

    That’s why I say that you must control your senses and avoid using other software while taking notes or studying.

    This is the tip for you that will help you a lot in saving time. Don’t worry, the next tip will explain the point further.

    Use Best Software

    Use effective note-taking software to be organized. There is a lot of software available.

    The software for note taking is a useful tool to take notes with good optimization. You can use them for formatting of text. You can also add images.

    When you use software for note-taking, most of the formatting is already available.

    You have to choose the best one that is according to your requirements. I have a list of this type of software or interactive apps to take notes on. Okay!

    • Google Keep
    • OneNote
    • Window sticky notes
    • SimpleNote
    • EverNotes
    • Apple Notes

    Make controlled Environment

    Use a controlled environment on a PC or Laptop. Your laptop can make your life good, efficient and productive.

    A study environment of your desktop screen and useful software can change your study pattern.

    You can find the best resources and knowledgeable material for study using a laptop.

    But you should have focused on what you are studying.

    I know this is a very difficult task to adopt but you have to be an active person. That’s how you can achieve your goals in study.

    I have been learning using this method and I achieve my study goals very successfully.

    A controlled environment is very effective to define limits.

    That means which software you should access and which resources or software are not allowed to access.

    Restrict Yourself

    Apply restrictions to avoid distractions. Restrictions always work. You need to restrict yourself from doing useless things and unproductive activities.

    You do not break the rules during the time you have scheduled to restrict some software.

    I have to tell the story about it.

    Imagine when you start learning and taking notes. After 5 minutes of study, Immediately you receive notification from your friend on Facebook.

    What will you do?

    You will go there and reply to him. When you see more notifications and news feed. You will be stuck there and forget your goal that you schedule.

    Not only is sticking to social media a distraction but useless reading and taking too much time to take notes is also one kind of distraction.

    Every distraction is destruction of your time and future.

    Therefore, please keep avoiding wasting your time due to no reason and no benefit.

    Just Start Taking Notes

    Do not procrastinate in starting the notes making. Because when you start and take actions, you win from distractions and procrastination.

    Procrastination is the problem of mind delaying any task with no reason to do it.

    Your wait can make you lazy. When you take your task easy and leave it for next time, you ruin your determination.

    This is the biggest issue you will face while taking notes using a laptop or tablet.

    Keep Rough Notebook

    Keep a rough notebook with you. During the note-taking with your laptop, you can use an electronic pen.

    That’s why you don’t need a neat notebook. You can note down easily and freely.

    You can use different colors, graphics and symbols during note-taking. It is sometimes not easy for everyone to write in a notebook like this.

    But keeping a rough notebook can help you a lot.

    When you feel tired of your screen. You can write down important points that you feel you have to memorize after shutting down your laptop. You also use a rough notebook.

    Sit in Open Room

    Sit in an open room with your Laptop or PC. An open room where anyone in your family can see what you are doing. When you know that no one is watching you, you will be distracted.

    You can lose your focus. So I will recommend you to keep a rough notebook while taking notes.

    From my experience, when you will shut down, then instantly many things will come into your mind to memorize.

    This is a suggestion for you. If you do not want to, you can ignore it.


    I have discussed some tips to follow while note-taking with your laptop. If you take action according to these tips, you can change your study pattern.

    These tips can save you from,

    • Distractions and
    • Delay the task for no reason. i.e. Procrastination

    List of tips of note-taking with your laptop below,

    • Keep in your Control
    • Use best Software
    • Make controlled Environment
    • Restrict yourself
    • Just start taking notes
    • Keep rough notebook
    • Sit in open room


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