15 Effortless Online Teaching Advantages and Disadvantages 2023

This is a combined analysis to online learning and online teaching advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see the impact of online teaching or learning.

Research shows that 63% participant agreed that online learning is convenient but others disagreed.

distance learning or online teaching advantages and disadvantages
Online Teaching Advantages and Disadvantages

    Pros and Cons of Being Online Teacher

    Here is a comparison table that outlines some of the pros and cons of being an online teacher:

    Pros Cons
    Flexibility: Online teaching allows you to work from anywhere and have a flexible schedule. Isolation: Online teaching can be isolating, as you may not have the same level of interaction with colleagues and students as you would in a traditional classroom setting.
    Increased reach: Online teaching allows you to reach a wider audience than you would in a traditional classroom. Technical difficulties: Online teaching can be subject to technical difficulties such as internet connectivity issues, software bugs, and other technical problems.
    Increased opportunities for collaboration: Online teaching tools allow for increased collaboration and communication between teachers and students, as well as among students. Limited nonverbal cues: Online teaching can make it more difficult to read students’ nonverbal cues, such as body language, which can make it harder to gauge their level of understanding.
    Lower overhead costs: Online teaching can have lower overhead costs than traditional classroom teaching, as you don’t need to pay for a physical classroom, equipment, or materials. Lack of hands-on experience: Online teaching may not provide students with the same level of hands-on experience as they would get in a traditional classroom setting.
    Increased access to resources: Online teaching allows students to access a wider range of resources, such as videos, readings, and interactive activities, that are not always available in traditional classrooms. Limited personal interaction: Online teaching can limit the personal interaction between teachers and students, which can make it harder to build relationships and provide support.

    It’s important to note that while online teaching has its own advantages and disadvantages, it can still provide a valuable learning experience for students.

    With the right tools and approach, online teaching can be just as effective as traditional classroom teaching.

    10 Advantages of Online Classes

    I have already discussed 13 great benefits of online teaching and learning but let’s elaborate 5 advantages in them. You can read them.

    To save your time, I have leave the link in the end of these advantages. 

    1. Efficiency

    The ability to achieve any goal without losing much resources and energy.

    Online teaching can be more efficient than offline teaching (i.e. in the classroom).

    Are you efficient?

    As I have explained to you that online learning is efficient and productive. Therefore, online teaching is also a productive way to teach.

    2. Mobility

    Online teaching helps you to teach from anywhere and teach anything according to his interest and specialization.

    A teacher has the opportunity to teach online using a laptop. You need to know little things about operating the online teaching tools.

    Just prepare the topic and convey it in the online class briefly.

    3. Affordability

    To teach online, you need little cost to start. Then you can upgrade your gadgets with the time.

    You can design presentations for courses using your computer with Microsoft PowerPoint.

    You need to place this course online and students will automatically reach these courses as your profile’s popularity increases.

    You will get more income as your sales increase.

    This is just one affordable way of online teaching. There are a lot of ways to start with little cost. Therefore online teaching is affordable.

    4. Attendance Access

    Online teachers can access any student’s attendance. Teacher can take a screenshot of the list of joined students.

    There are a lot of worst cases related to the presence of students.

    Let’s discuss one case i.e. the students just joined the class and disappeared their actual presence in online class.

    Therefore, teachers can check attendance easily by calling their name.

    5. Multiple Learning Styles

    Teachers have an opportunity to make their teaching easy by adopting multiple styles of delivering the lectures. In this way, they can study other teachers’ explanations.

    They can elaborate their ideas with multiple styles. Therefore, the students will not get bored and confused from your teaching style.

    Their attention will remain. You can engage them and explain your point effectively.

    I have already discussed the benefits of distance learning or online teaching. Therefore, I will start discussing disadvantages without wasting the time.

    Read Deep Guide to 10+ Advantages of Online Learning

    confused about online teaching vs traditional teaching
    confused for teaching online

    10 Disadvantages of Online Class

    Now let’s analyze different issues with online teaching.

    These disadvantages are could be a hurdle in way of your learning. Therefore, I have discussed little solutions in each section to be safe from them.

    Students discloses the difficulties during online learning in research like they find,

    • Lecturers’ Instructions are Unclear
    • Online Learning is Hard to be Conducted
    • Difficult for Students to Retain Information
    • Students Tend to not Participate in the Learning Process
    • etc.

    Infographics card of pros and cons of online class i.e. online learning or online teaching
    Pros and Cons

    1. Screen Time Issues

    The screen time is the time count which is spent while using the screen.

    There are many issues faced by teachers and students while using the screen.

    While using the screen,

    • They feel pain in their eyes and head
    • Physical strain to your eyes and body
    • Sleep deficiency
    • The risk of obsessed behavior increased
    • The chronic health conditions
    • Loss of cognitive ability
    • Loss of socializing skills
    • Delay of learning in young children


    They need to overcome these issues with the help of taking time to get good sleep and exercise.

    The excess exposure to screen is abnormal. You need to maintain the usage of screen.

    2. Problems with Gadgets

    The gadgets that we are using are not perfect. There may be many issues while using them.

    You will face many problems like,

    • Technical issues with devices
    • Technical difficulties with online teaching tools
    • Software unfamiliarity problems
    • Issues due to your less knowledge in online field
    • The most critical issue with gadgets is social media distractions

    3. Control while Isolation

    Controlling and managing yourself is a very difficult task while teaching or learning online.

    As you are working online, there is a possibility that you will work alone.

    It is the disadvantage that a controlled environment is less available. Control is a very necessary part to complete any task successfully.

    If you are a teacher, you are probably better in self management. As you have a deadline to prepare and to deliver the lecture.

    Self control for students is more difficult and challenging.


    Therefore, students should keep in mind the ultimate goal of studying. Self-control is the most important aspect for self-learners.

    4. Dependancy Issues

    Dependent person cannot learn and think out of the box
    Dependancy Issues

    Most of the students totally depend upon their teacher i.e. not work by themselves. They demand the teacher teach each topic by himself.

    They did not even read about it. The responsibility of the teacher is conveying the lecture and solving the problems that students face.

    Solution to overcome the dependency

    Students need to keep in mind their responsibility and develop self study skills.

    Teachers also have dependency problems. When students do not prepare for their homework, They think that they do not struggle for no reason.

    They depend upon the student’s response. Teachers should not do so. Possibility is that many students prepare to study near the exam.

    5. Trust Deficiency

    The online class is a virtual meeting between teacher and student.

    They do not know about each other. The sense of habits and way of learning should be judged by the teacher.

    Physical interaction is not possible while online teaching. Therefore the teacher fails to develop trust and engagement with students.

    Students are also not familiar with the behavior and style of teaching of teachers. Therefore, the gap exists between them.

    Solution to Build Trust

    To build trust between teacher and student both, they should follow these tips given below,

    • Introduce yourself
    • Communicate while class
    • Ask question
    • Discuss some extra things besides work for 5 minutes.

    6. Practical Work Issues

    The main problem with online lectures is that you have less access to practicing the technical topics.

    Working practically is a relatively more time taking process. Students should not avoid practical work.

    Teachers try to practice in online classes by typing or writing. The deficiency of face to face interaction results in the lack of concept building.

    The practical topic needs practice and cannot be understandable with just theoretical learning. One thing that needs to be clarified is that theory and practice are both important.

    Solution to Maintain Practice

    For the solution of lack of practice in online teaching or learning, students should respond to their teacher on time and teachers should engage their students.

    When a teacher asks students to practice, students should

    • Respond
    • And work according to the teacher’s instructions.

    7. Procrastination Issues

    Procrastination is a problem with any person who delays his responsibility or task to perform whereas he knows its importance and wants to do but can’t.

    This problem may exist in every kind of person. Some people struggle to overcome that issue. 

    When we talk about online classes, everyone has freedom to do anything and does not have any restrictions.

    Therefore, they left their work for later and started doing anything else.

    Solution to Avoid Procrastination

    To avoid procrastination, teachers and students should

    • Set some goals daily
    • Just start working to complete them in time.
    • I mean, anything you have to do, just get started.

    8. Cheating Approach

    Students here find a weak point of virtual presence of their teacher. The cheating in exams and tests become easier.

    They develop many secret ways to cheat. When teachers ask any question, they search on google and answer it. The consequences that have bad impact the student’s progress and the purpose of tests vanished.

    Solution to Overcome Cheating

    The solution of this problem is temporary but little effective.

    Teachers should

    • Examine each student through camera
    • Warn them with strict policy and the consequences of cheating.


    Online classes have advantages and disadvantages.

    Teaching online has more benefits if you can handle the issues while taking online classes.

    Students also get more benefits, if they can avoid different distractions.


    What are the advantages and disadvantages of online teaching?

    Online teaching has pros like affordability, mobility, and efficiency. And cons like trust deficiency, lack of self-control while isolation, problems with gadgets, and screen time issues.

    Is online teaching an effective tool of learning?

    Yes, you can learn too much effectively while teaching online. As you will face many unseen questions while teaching. It helps you to get more knowledge.

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