Nintendo Fans Speculate on Metroid Prime 4 and F-Zero GX Remastered

Excitement is brewing among Nintendo fans as rumors of the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4 game release and a remastered version of F-Zero GX for Nintendo Switch circulate online. While there is no official confirmation from Nintendo, a recent survey by Nintendo UK has fueled the speculation. Metroid Prime 4 has been a highly anticipated game … Read more

Snapchat Launches an AI Chatbot Powered by OpenAI’s GPT Technology

Snapchat users who rely on AI chatbots powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT API were left in a lurch recently, as reports emerged of service outages and disruptions. Many users found themselves unable to log in to ChatGPT or access its features, prompting concerns about the stability of AI-powered chatbots.   Is ChatGPT Down? OpenAI’s Whisper API … Read more