5 Main Problems in Computer Science Research 2023

How to Research about Anything?

Studying the behavior of computers is called computer science.

5 Problems in Computer Science Research Need to Avoid

But researchers have great opportunities to do great things with computer science. If someone is doing research, he faces a lot of problems.

If you will do great research, you can grasp computer science topics very quickly.

There are some reasons why you failed in your research!

If you keep in mind these issues, you can break records by avoiding these issues.


You are just scanning this guide and just reading headings. I bet you that you are missing out on the golden explanation!

When I wrote about problems in computer science almost 1 year ago, people got a lot of help and It is the most popular guide on my blog!

Are you curious about problems in research?

Let me prove my words!

Self Management

As far as i understand, there are many possibilities to face issues in research of computer science.

The reason is that computer science is 50+ years old. Most of the content available i.e. low-hanging fruit has been picked.

People avoid complex things and hard research. If you are one, you will face problems adjusting yourself.

I believe, If you want to be a great researcher, managing yourself through hard things is the main thing.

It is more difficult for new ideas to prove wrong the established thinking.

The boundaries of computer science continue to expand!


The basics are the biggest problems in CS research.

learn basics during computer science research
learn basics during computer science research


If you do not have the basic understanding of computer science, you will get stuck.

Your progress will stop.

For Example,

When you need to know about “Data Structures and Algorithms”. You will face some terms like linked list, queue, or stack. These have some meanings.


If you will understand them, you can simplify the things in your research.

Different Terms

There are many different terms used in computer science.

Computer science engineering has many applications in every aspect of life.

Different Terms during computer science research
Different Terms during computer science research

You will face some difficult and different terms.

There are many terms that are similar to each other but have different meanings.

You can grasp these terms by

  • Relating them to each other.
  • Making some analogies.

Solution / Personal Tip:

I prefer to make a seperate notes i.e. list of these terms to clear the confusions.

Less Resources

You will see almost every solution to your problems.


There may be possibility of not getting right or relevant information from a trusted platform.

This is another headache.

You do not need to worry about it.

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How to Learn Computer Science for Beginners?

Solution / Tips:

  • Do not rely on the internet only.
  • Read books.
  • Consult with experts or professors.
  • Visit Google Scholars.
  • Ask your questions on quora / reddit.

You will find your answer soon.

If you do not find the solution anywhere, do not be stuck there.

You should jump to the next point.

Reading Problems

When you find any research paper or case study, the words and sentences used are difficult to understand.

You cannot understand what’s going on and then how you can proceed with your research.

Your problem is valid but You do not have to worry about it.


You can scan your text on paper or document and simplify it with any productivity software or website.

If you can understand other languages, use google translate. Because most of the content is available in English.


Proper documentation is a very important part of any research. Students prepare documentation for every research.

Documentation during computer science research
Documentation during computer science research

But problems start when they forget to take notes or do not document their research properly.

They just read and think that they can remember it without notes.

I hope you understand the problem of not documenting your research.


The solution is simple,

I have prepared a dedicated playlist to take notes as a computer science student. Go and check it out!


Research is a very important part of every invention or discovery. If you want to get efficient results, avoid these simple and basic but critical problems.


Let’s checkout some related questions about problems in research.

Q1. How to solve any problem in computer programming?

You can solve any problem by following 4 steps like,

  • Step 1: Understand the Problem.
  • Step 2: Break it into Small Problems.
  • Step 3: Do Paper Work (optional)
  • Step 4: Write Code.

Q2. What are the common students’ problems in research?

Most of the students feel the research is impossible for them. But actually they,

  • Don’t read.
  • Don’t know what their problem is.
  • Don’t know, do not ask questions.
  • Don’t know how to measure.
  • Don’t know how to analyze.
  • Don’t know How to report.

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