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HTML Input Types

HTML Input Types

Welcome! Previously, we delved into HTML forms and copywriting. Now, let's shift our focus to exploring various input types available in HTML.

Types of Input Types

Input types provide different ways for users to interact with forms. They can be categorized as text inputs, selection inputs, file inputs, and more.

HTML Input Attributes

Inputs can have various attributes, including name, value, placeholder, required, and more. These attributes provide additional functionality and control over input behavior.

Text Input and Textarea

Text inputs allow users to enter free-form text. Textareas are similar but provide a larger space for multi-line text input.

Radio Buttons & Checkboxes

Radio buttons and checkboxes are used for selecting options from a set of predefined choices. Radio buttons allow only one selection, while checkboxes allow multiple.

Select and Option Elements

Select elements present users with a drop-down list of options. Option elements define each option within the list, and users can select one or multiple options depending on the select element's settings.

File Input

File inputs allow users to upload files from their devices to the server.

Range Input

Range inputs provide a slider interface for selecting numeric values within a specified range.

Date and Time Inputs

Date and time inputs enable users to enter dates and times in various formats.

Other Input Types

HTML offers additional input types, such as color pickers, search fields, URL inputs, and email inputs, providing specific functionalities for different use cases.


In this session, we've explored various HTML input types and their attributes, providing you with a solid foundation for creating interactive and user-friendly forms. Stay tuned for our next topic on HTML Buttons!

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