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HTML5 Ambient Light Sensor API

HTML5 Network Information API - Recap

In our previous session, we explored the HTML5 Network Information API, which provides information about the user's network connection, such as type, speed, and online/offline status.

Enter the HTML5 Ambient Light Sensor API

Today, we're turning our attention to the HTML5 Ambient Light Sensor API, which allows web applications to access data from the device's ambient light sensor, if available.

What is the Ambient Light Sensor?

The ambient light sensor is a hardware component that measures the amount of light in the surrounding environment. This data can be useful for various purposes, including adjusting screen brightness, camera exposure, and more.

Benefits of Using the Ambient Light Sensor

  • Improved user experience by automatically adjusting screen brightness based on ambient light levels
  • Extended battery life by dimming the screen in well-lit environments
  • Enhanced camera functionality by providing accurate exposure data

How to Use the Ambient Light Sensor

To use the Ambient Light Sensor API, you need to first check if the device supports it using:

if ('AmbientLightSensor' in window) { ... }


This method returns the current ambient light level, measured in lux. You can use this data to make decisions about screen brightness, camera settings, etc.

onambientlightlevelchange Event

This event is triggered when the ambient light level changes. You can use an event listener to handle this event and respond to changes in lighting conditions.

Use Cases for the Ambient Light Sensor

Here are some common use cases for the Ambient Light Sensor API:

  • Adjusting screen brightness for optimal viewing
  • Dimming the screen in dark environments to reduce eye strain
  • Adjusting camera exposure for improved image quality

Brightening the Screen in Dark Environments

By using the ambient light sensor, you can automatically increase the screen brightness when the surrounding environment is dark, ensuring better visibility for users.

Dimming the Screen in Bright Environments

Similarly, you can dim the screen in well-lit conditions to reduce glare and extend battery life.

Adjusting Camera Exposure

The ambient light sensor can provide valuable data for camera apps, helping them adjust the exposure settings to capture well-lit images in various lighting conditions.

Next Topic: HTML5 Accelerometer Sensor API

In our next session, we'll explore the HTML5 Accelerometer Sensor API, which allows web applications to access data from the device's accelerometer, if available. Follow us to learn more!