Science Knowings: JavaScript Course For Social Media

Audio and Video APIs

Introduction to Audio and Video APIs

Welcome to the world of audio and video APIs! In this session, we'll explore how to integrate audio and video capabilities into your web applications and take your user experience to the next level.

Playing with Audio Files

Let's start with playing audio files. We'll use the HTMLAudioElement object to load, play, pause, and stop audio files.

<audio src="audio.mp3" controls></audio>

Dynamically Loading Audio Files

Want to load audio files dynamically? Use the XMLHttpRequest object to load audio data from a URL and create an AudioBuffer to play it.

Audio Equalization and Effects

Make your audio shine with equalization and effects! We'll dive into the WebAudio API to adjust frequency bands and apply effects like reverb and distortion.

Working with Video Content

Now, let's move on to video! We'll use the HTMLVideoElement object to play, pause, and control video playback.

<video src="video.mp4" controls></video>

Video Playback Manipulation

Control your videos like a pro! We'll explore methods to manipulate playback speed, add captions, and adjust video size and position.

Managing Video Tracks

Videos often have multiple tracks (e.g., audio, video, captions). We'll show you how to manage these tracks, enable/disable them, and switch between them.

Web Audio API: Introduction

Unlock the power of the Web Audio API! We'll dive into creating and manipulating audio buffers, generating waveforms, and processing audio signals.

Creating and Using Audio Buffers

Create and use audio buffers to store and manipulate audio data. We'll show you how to load, decode, and play audio buffers.

Audio Signal Processing Techniques

Time to process audio signals! We'll explore techniques like filtering, panning, and mixing to transform and enhance your audio.

Visualizing Audio Data

Make your audio data come to life with visualizations! We'll create interactive visualizations using canvas and the Web Audio API.

Advanced Audio Features

Explore advanced audio concepts like spatial audio, dynamic range compression, and audio synthesis. Take your audio game to the next level!

Playing with WebRTC

Welcome to the world of real-time communication! WebRTC allows you to establish peer-to-peer connections for audio and video chat.

Real-Time Communication with WebRTC

Create real-time audio and video applications using WebRTC. We'll cover establishing connections, sending and receiving media streams, and handling events.

Next Up: Geolocation API

Join us next time for our exploration of the Geolocation API. Learn how to access the device's location and build location-aware applications. Follow us to stay tuned!