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BigInt Type

DataView Object - A Sneak Peek into Binary Data

Previously, we explored the DataView object, a powerful tool for reading and writing binary data. It allows us to interact with data at a low level, providing flexibility and control over binary data manipulation.

Introducing BigInt: Handling Large Integers

Today, we step into the realm of BigInt, a data type specifically designed to handle large integer values, transcending the limitations of regular JavaScript numbers.

What is BigInt?

BigInt is a primitive data type in JavaScript that allows us to represent integers of arbitrary length. It overcomes the limitations of the standard Number type, which has a maximum safe integer value of 253-1.

Why use BigInt?

BigInt becomes essential when working with extremely large integers often encountered in cryptography, financial calculations, and scientific simulations where precision is crucial.

Syntax: BigInt()

const bigInt = BigInt(number);

You can create a BigInt value by invoking the BigInt() constructor with a numeric argument, ensuring that the precision is maintained.

Example: Creating a BigInt

const hugeNumber = BigInt(9007199254740992); // A 15-digit integer

Here, we create a BigInt value, hugeNumber, representing a massive 15-digit integer that exceeds the safe integer limit of a regular Number.

Comparison: BigInt vs Number

BigInt and Number data types differ in the way they handle large integer values. Number type has a precision limit, while BigInt can represent values of arbitrary length.

Methods of BigInt

BigInt provides several useful methods for working with large integers:

  • BigInt.asIntN(): Converts a BigInt to a signed integer of a specified bit length.

Methods of BigInt (continued)

  • BigInt.asUintN(): Converts a BigInt to an unsigned integer of a specified bit length.
  • Methods of BigInt (continued)

  • BigInt.prototype.toString(): Returns a string representation of the BigInt value in a specified radix (base).
  • Methods of BigInt (continued)

  • BigInt.prototype.valueOf(): Returns the primitive value of the BigInt.
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    In our next session, we will explore the Intl object, a powerful tool for internationalization in JavaScript. It provides support for formatting numbers, dates, and strings according to different locales and cultures. Join us to enhance your applications with global capabilities!