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CSS Flexbox

Say Goodbye to CSS Grid, Hello Flexbox!

We're leaving the grid behind and diving into the wonderful world of CSS Flexbox, a powerful layout module that makes arranging elements as easy as a snap.

Meet the Flex Container

The flex container is the parent element that houses our flex items, providing a flexible environment for layout.

Flex Items: The Container's Children

Flex items are the direct children of the container, ready to be positioned and styled according to our flexbox rules.

Single-Line vs. Multi-Line Flexbox

Flexbox can arrange items in a single line or multiple lines, giving you control over the layout's flow.

Flex Direction: Row or Column?

Choose between horizontal (row) or vertical (column) alignment for your flex items, shaping the overall layout.

Justify Content: Align Items Horizontally

Space out items horizontally within the container using justify-content, creating even spacing or aligning them to the start or end.

Align Items: Align Items Vertically

Control the vertical alignment of items, stacking them at the top, bottom, or center of the container.

Align Content: Align Lines Vertically

When flex items wrap onto multiple lines, align-content helps you align those lines vertically, giving you more control over the overall layout.

Flex Wrap: Handle Overflow

Flex wrap allows items to wrap onto multiple lines when they exceed the container's width, preventing overflow and keeping your layout tidy.

Flex Grow and Flex Shrink: Control Item Sizing

Fine-tune the sizing of flex items using flex-grow and flex-shrink, allowing them to expand or shrink to fill available space or to maintain their size.

Flex Basis: Set Initial Item Size

Flex basis sets the initial size of flex items before flex-grow and flex-shrink are applied, ensuring a consistent starting point.

Flex Order: Control Item Order

Override the default order of flex items by using flex-order, giving you the power to rearrange them as desired.

CSS Flexbox: A Complete Guide

This slide summarizes the essential concepts of CSS Flexbox. For a comprehensive guide with more examples and in-depth explanations, visit W3Schools.

Next Stop: CSS Transitions

In our next session, we'll explore CSS Transitions, a powerful tool for adding smooth animations and transitions to your web elements. Follow us to learn how to bring your designs to life!