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Currying and Function Composition

Currying and Function Composition

Previously, we explored Category Theory and Copywriting, discovering the surprising connections between abstract mathematical concepts and effective writing. Now, let's dive into Currying and Function Composition, powerful techniques that can enhance your functional programming skills and code readability.


Currying is a technique that transforms a function that takes multiple arguments into a sequence of functions that take a single argument each.

Defining Curry Functions

To define a curry function, we use the following syntax:

const curriedFunction = (arg1, arg2, ...argN) => arg1 => arg2 => ...argN

Benefits of Currying

Currying offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved code readability
  • Easier partial application
  • Enhanced testing and debugging

Partial Application with Currying

With currying, you can apply some arguments to a function while leaving the others for later. This is called partial application.

Function Composition

Function composition is the process of combining multiple functions to create a new function.

Composition of Functions

To compose functions, we use the following syntax:

const newFunction = compose(f, g, h);

Where f, g, and h are functions and compose is a higher-order function that combines them.

Benefits of Function Composition

Function composition offers several benefits, including:

  • Increased code reusability
  • Improved code readability
  • Reduced complexity

Examples of Function Composition

Here are some examples of function composition:

// Compose a function to calculate the area of a circle
const areaOfCircle = compose(multiplyByPi, square);

Pipelining with Function Composition

Function composition can be used to create pipelines of functions that can be executed in sequence.

Chaining Functions with Function Composition

You can chain multiple functions together using function composition to create complex transformations.

Nested Function Composition

Function composition can be nested to create even more complex transformations.


Combinators are functions that take functions as arguments and return new functions.

Currying Combinators

Currying can be used to create combinators.

Practical Applications of Currying and Function Composition

Currying and function composition have numerous practical applications, including:

  • Data transformation
  • Event handling
  • Error handling

Conclusion: Currying and Function Composition in Practice

Currying and function composition are powerful techniques that can enhance your functional programming skills. By understanding these concepts, you can write more readable, reusable, and maintainable code.

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