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Geolocation API

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Surprise! We've moved on to a new topic that will blow your mind: Geolocation API!

What is Geolocation API?

Geolocation API is a powerful tool that allows you to determine the geographical position of a device.

Why use Geolocation API?

With Geolocation API, you can create location-aware applications like maps, navigation systems, and weather apps.

Browser Support

Geolocation API is widely supported by modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Methods of Geolocation API

The key methods of Geolocation API are:

  • getCurrentPosition()
  • watchPosition()
  • clearWatch()


getCurrentPosition() retrieves the device's current position.


WatchPosition() continuously tracks the device's position, providing updates as the device moves.


clearWatch() stops the continuous position tracking started by watchPosition().

Geolocation Properties

The position object returned by Geolocation API contains the following properties:

  • coords
  • timestamp


The coords property contains the latitude and longitude of the device's position.


The timestamp property indicates when the position was determined.


The accuracy property specifies the accuracy of the position in meters.


The altitude property represents the altitude of the device in meters above sea level.


The altitudeAccuracy property specifies the accuracy of the altitude in meters.


The heading property indicates the direction the device is moving in, in degrees.


The speed property represents the speed of the device in meters per second.

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