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Intl.DateTimeFormat Object

Intl.DateTimeFormat Object

Welcome back! Today we'll explore Intl.DateTimeFormat Object, which helps us format dates and times according to different locales and time zones.

What is Intl.DateTimeFormat Object?

Intl.DateTimeFormat Object provides methods for formatting dates and times in a locale-sensitive manner. It allows us to display dates and times in a format that is familiar to the user's locale.

Constructing a Intl.DateTimeFormat Object

To create a Intl.DateTimeFormat Object, you provide a locale and optional options object. The locale specifies the locale for which you want to format dates and times (new Intl.DateTimeFormat('en-US')).

Properties of Intl.DateTimeFormat Object


  • calendar: Specifies the calendar system to use (e.g., 'gregory', 'islamic').
  • numberingSystem: Specifies the numbering system to use (e.g., 'arab', 'latn').
  • locale: Specifies the locale of the object (e.g., 'en-US').

Methods of Intl.DateTimeFormat Object


  • format(date): Formats a date object into a string.
  • formatRange(startDate, endDate): Formats a range of dates into a string.
  • resolvedOptions(): Returns the resolved options object used by the object.

Use Cases

Intl.DateTimeFormat Object is useful for:

  • Displaying dates and times in user-friendly formats.
  • Converting dates and times between different time zones.
  • Parsing dates and times from user input.

Formatting Dates

To format a date, use the format method and pass a Date object:

const date = new Date(); const formattedDate = new Intl.DateTimeFormat('en-US').format(date);

Formatting Times

To format a time, use the format method and pass a Date object:

const date = new Date(); const formattedTime = new Intl.DateTimeFormat('en-US', { timeStyle: 'short' }).format(date);

Formatting Date and Time Together

To format both date and time together, use the format method and pass a Date object:

const date = new Date(); const formattedDateTime = new Intl.DateTimeFormat('en-US', { dateStyle: 'full', timeStyle: 'short' }).format(date);

Parsing Dates and Times

To parse a date or time from a string, you can use the parse method:

const dateString = '2023-03-08T12:00:00'; const parsedDate = new Intl.DateTimeFormat('en-US').parse(dateString);

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