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Object.fromEntries() Method

Object.entries() Recap

Recall how Object.entries() converts an object's key-value pairs into an array of arrays.

const obj = { name: 'Alice', age: 30 };
const entries = Object.entries(obj);

Introducing Object.fromEntries()

Enter Object.fromEntries(), its complementary counterpart! It reverses the process, transforming an array of key-value pairs back into an object.

const newObj = Object.fromEntries(entries);

Power and Convenience

  • Simplifies object creation from data structures like arrays and maps.
  • Enhances flexibility in data manipulation tasks.

Effortless Key-Value to Object Transformation

const keyValueArray = [['name', 'Alice'], ['age', 30]]; 
const newObj = Object.fromEntries(keyValueArray);

Effortlessly convert key-value pairs into objects without manual construction.

Arrays and Maps to Objects

const arr = [['a', 1], ['b', 2]]; 
const objFromArray = Object.fromEntries(arr);

const map = new Map([['c', 3], ['d', 4]]);
const objFromMap = Object.fromEntries(map);

Easily transform arrays and maps containing key-value pairs into objects.

Data Wrangling Applications

const flattenedData = [['id', 1], ['name', 'Alice'], ['age', 30]]; 
const userObj = Object.fromEntries(flattenedData);

Convert flattened data into objects for easy manipulation and analysis.

Real-World Use Cases

  • Object Restructuring: Reshape objects with different key names or nested structures.

    const originalObj = { name: { first: 'Alice', last: 'Smith' } }; 
    const restructuredObj = Object.fromEntries(Object.entries(originalObj) .map(([key, val]) => [key.replace('.', '_'), val]));

  • Query String Parsing: Convert query strings (e.g., ?name=Alice&age=30) into objects.

Advanced Applications

  • Custom Object Creation: Flexibly construct objects with custom properties and values based on specific criteria.

    const filterCriteria = ['name', 'age']; 
    const filteredObj = Object.fromEntries(Object.entries(originalObj) .filter(([key]) => filterCriteria.includes(key)));

  • Array of Objects to Single Object: Consolidate multiple similar objects into a single object with key-value pairs merged.

    const users = [{ name: 'Alice', age: 30 }, { name: 'Bob', age: 25 }]; 
    const mergedObj = Object.fromEntries( => Object.entries(user)));

Complementing Object.entries()

Object.fromEntries() and Object.entries() are complementary methods that enable comprehensive object manipulation:

  • Object.entries(): Extract key-value pairs from objects.
  • Object.fromEntries(): Reconstruct objects from key-value pairs.

Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors() Method

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