Some Advice For Computer Science Students Beginners 2023

Computer Science is growing with time and becoming a useful problem-solving platform. ☺️

Whatever but it is little confusing subject for CS students especially, and students switch out the CS degree before its completion. 😒

Regardless of your interest, computer science is problematic for beginners.

Even if you are interested in computer science, you will face different challenging working phases.

Some Advice For Computer Science Students as Beginners in Degree
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I have researched too much and find some expert’s advice and opinions for your daily routine and a vast list of studies that you have to do.

Therefore, you will find it very enjoying. Please do not leave me alone till the end!😋😒🎁

For new computer science students, I have some advices and tips that will help them to prepare for a degree and exams.

Do Data Analysis to Reach Accuracy

To make any decision in life, some data and facts must be concluded, and it can help you make your decision clear and reasonable.

Therefore, the huge concepts of data analysis and data visualization arises. Data is super useful tool and essential part of any business.

Do Data Analysis to Reach Accuracy and get best results
Do data analysis for the best results.

One-Sided Arguments.

The one-sided data analysis is of no use.

The best way to analyze the data about anything to be decided is that you should research and sort out both-sided arguments and data.

You can reach the true destination due to data, research, and facts.

Learn Mathematics

You should be ready to face problems in mathematics to understand computer in better way. When I got started with computer science, I was good at math. It was enough for me to tackle the problems which I was facing.

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Be Ready for Mathematical Skills for Advancement in Computer Study.

Get mathematical skills for advancement in Computer Study.
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When I can doing Computer Science!

In the beginning, there was almost little need for mathematics, and the need for math was as little as possible.

There was a need for basics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, remainders, etc. 😯

The beginning of my computer science degree was very smooth in math. When I moved to the advance courses, there was also some kind of need for math.

But as time passes, your knowledge about computer science remains limited. For advancement in CS, the mathematics is the best way to increase your understanding.


For Example, In the beginning, you need basic operators in programming. But when you go to the next level, like AI, ML, and deep learning.


The reason for doing math is that math gives a clear view of understanding a computer’s technical concepts. If you are weak in mathematics, it does not affect your degree so much.


The benefit of learning math is that you can tackle with things in the world in mathematical and factual way.

I will explore the mathematics more for you in next part!

Build your Logic and Discrete Mathematics

The logic building in CS can be learned with time. But you need to spend some time with it by practicing your knowledge.😌

Theoretical and practical skills are both essential, and they should not compromise just for one of them.

When you grasp the concepts of discrete mathematics, you can implement them with computer science and build your logic.


How to Learn Computer Science for Beginners 2023?

Build your logic and learn more
Build your logic and learn more | Image by

Discrete Mathematics is easy as you have known it at the school level. The topics like,

  • Mathematical Induction
  • Sets
  • Functions
  • Relations
  • Matrices

It was similar to the previous section.

Practical vs. Theoretical Work

Many students just focus on the theory part of the computer degree and ignore the practice. But there is another perception that is thinking just being practical is sufficient without theory.

You cannot survive, if you will not make rules (i.e. theoretical work) of performing practical.

Practical vs Theoretical work or skills in computer science
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The theory part, i.e., reading is always less time taken and more complex comparatively. But when we practice something, it takes too long and makes our topics easy, and we give less time to practical work as it takes too much time and energy.

It would be a Little Tricky.

The whole process will be problematic and stressful. You need to work regularly and be clear about your goals.

clear purpose can make you more motivated than a motivational speaker. Therefore, be consistent. 🤗

learning new things would be a little difficult.
Learning new things would be a little tricky.

It would be difficult to go against our daily routine and habits.

To understand the psychology of habits and to build good habits you should read Tiny Habits Book by BJ Frog.

After passing a time of struggle, the work will be so delicious and sweet. 😊

You will addicted to work and will start enjoying your journey.

Learn How to Interact with Others

During your computer science degree, you need to interact with different people.

You should deal with people like a professional so that you can develop your communication skills.

Your future is full of interaction with people (as psychologically the human is social animal). Therefore, start learning the behavior of people.

You may interact with

  • students,
  • professors
  • senior students.

You have to learn the interaction with people with confidence. If you can clear your point that need to explain to others, this is sufficient for your beginning.

It will help to get more and more clear knowledge. Your future depends upon your interaction with people, i.e., Communication Skills (LSRW).

Don’t Wait for the Opportunity

Don't Wait for the Opportunity

Computer science is a growing field, and AI is one. The opportunity is everywhere, and you just need to approach it after learning any skill.

Therefore, as you think you have little expertise in a skill, you can work with it quickly. 😯

You can reach out to people or organizations who can create opportunities for you.

The attitude of approaching opportunities rather than waiting for opportunities is necessary for today’s life.

Start with One Skill and get Expertise

Learning 1 skill with good experience is better than learning 10 skills with no use.

You must learn more skills and grow your career, but the beginner cannot handle more skills.

I openly challenge that a beginner does not need more skills.

That’s why beginners may learn even fewer skills, but more practice can make them experts with time.

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Make your CS Skills Mobile-Friendly.

This is the era of mobile. People like to do everything on mobile (even their online business), and they avoid sitting in front of a PC on a desk.

As a computer science student, you are responsible to provide gadgets and material to increase mobile productivity.

Your career will be secure. Mobile-oriented stuff is highly-demanded, and you can find more opportunities. ☺️

More you will solve the problems of people, the more you will earn respect, fame and revenue.

How your valuable suggestions work for me is very important to know. Please help me with your comments that I want to work based on your recommendations or recommended ways.


This is the questions and answers section to briefly discuss Advice for CS Beginners.

Is Computer Science Hard?

Computer Science is hard for beginners, but you need to grasp the essential topics of computer science and practice for it.

How to Prepare for CS Degree?

Practice and focus on theory are essential to preparing for a computer science degree.

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