Took Me 5 6 Years to Get my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

You asked that It take me 6 years to get my Bachelor’s Degree. Want a quick guide. Learn 6 years in College, too long or not, by this in-depth guide.

Student ask me: I complete my bachelor degree in more than 4 years and now I am confused that employers will accept my degree or not.’

Took Me 6 Years to Get my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
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    Personal Story of CS Student

    Let’s get a ride to how the journey of computer science degree is? 

    My Decision to Pursue CS Degree

    This story starts from my fascination for technology and a desire to understand how things work. I knew that continuing with my degree would not be easy ever. But I was excited to know about coding, algorithms, and problem-solving.

    Challenges Faced

    Though, It was not easy for me. In some moments in life, I was overwhelmed by the workload and complexity of the material but kept pushing forward. I had to put in a lot of time and effort to keep up.

    Balancing school and Personal Life

    One of the biggest challenges was keeping a balance between study and personal life. There were times when I had to sacrifice social events and work to focus on studying. But I knew that hard work would pay off in the end.

    Benefits of Taking Longer to Complete a Degree

    I got more time to explore different areas of computer science and gain work experience.

    Impact on Career Opportunities After Graduation

    That kind of degree gave me a competitive edge in the job market.

    Value of internships and work experience

    Due to applying classroom learning to real-world scenarios, I developed practical skills.

    Coping with Academic Setbacks and Failures

    I continued myself to keep pushing forward and learn from experience.

    Role of Mentors and Support Networks

    Crucial to success, providing guidance, encouragement and tough love when needed.

    Advice for Future Computer Science Students

    Stay focused, stay curious and do not be afraid to ask for help.

    Reflection on Personal Growth and Development

    Proud of academic and personal growth, learned critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills.

    Some students switched out their bachelor’s degrees due to taking them too long. Let’s explore some scenarios

    Took Me 6 Years to Get my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    Took Me 6 Years to Get my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

    It took me 6 Years to Graduate from College

    You are worrying about your degree taking 6 years to graduate college. Do you really need to worry about it?

    Is 6 years in College Too Long

    Students are always confused about college, and they ask that 6 years to Graduate is too long.

    You don’t have to worry about your bachelor’s degree. But always focus on your output.

    6 Years Degree

    How long it will take does not matter for CS students in most cases You can consider it as a 6 years degree.

    Is It okay to Take 5 years in College

    Most of the students ask about this. They feel guilty that it took 5 years to get bachelor’s. Are you doing the same?

    Let’s counter the following queries asked by students.

    Is it ok to Graduate in 6 years?

    It is not wrong.

    Yes, it is ok to Graduate in 6 years to finish undergrad or grad. On average, up to 60% of students took 6 years in the United States.

    But if you stick with it and decide to graduate in 6 years, it is not reasonable.

    Graduating in 6 years is ok for those who cannot get a bachelor’s degree in 4 years.

    Taking an Extra Year of Undergraduate is ok!

    Taking an Extra Years of Undergraduate are ok in a bachelor's degree
    Taking an Extra Year of Undergraduate is ok!

    Universities or Colleges added too many extra requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

    So, it is taking too long as expected, i.e., 4 years.

    Students took more than 4 years to get a bachelor’s degree, and they took 5 years, 6 years, 7 years, 8 years, 10 years, and even 20 years.

    Let’s explore them one by one.

    If it took me 5 years to finish College

    Your bachelor’s degree has 4 years to finish. If you finish college in 5 years, it will be good to take an extra year of learning.

    What should your focus point be?

    Your maximum point of focus should be only on what you are learning.

    It does not matter for now. As almost 60% of US students do the same. Because something is better than nothing. Just 41% in the US finish their degree in 4 years.

    It took me 7 years to complete my Undergraduate.

    You take too long to complete your undergraduate. But you have done it. 

    Now you have no issue If you have completed your undergraduate.

    Because mostly, they have requirements of CGPA, skills, and experience. They do not ask about the time taken by your degree.

    It Took me 8 Years to Finish College

    You took 8 years. If we look at positive side of it then your college experience is too much. 

    You took 8 years to finish college because of some reason. It happened due to your,

    • My health condition is down. 
    • You face problems in your Financial area.
    • You may have fewer bachelor’s classes.
    • Or some other issues.

    It took me 10 years to graduate from College

    You have taken 10 years to complete your college graduation. You may do a job or suffer from issues.

    You may face some hurdles while getting admissions or jobs.

    Do not panic. Your goals are still in your hand. Because you have the opportunity to improve your GPA and knowledge.

    Increase your experience. Employers do not demand fewer years in graduation.

    It took me 20 years to finish College.

    Some bachelor’s degree students take 20 years to finish college. If you feel it is too long. Remember you have completed a bachelor’s degree.

    20 years is too long a duration. You need to be sure about your quality of college degree.

    But during 20 years, you have learned something from your failures.

    This 20 years period is telling that you have more experience

    Is 6 years in College too long

    58% of students take 6-7 years to Graduate College. On average, students complete graduation in 5 years to 7 years. Yes and No both may answer depending upon some factors. Some questions to ask yourself are given below,

    • Have you studied for different years?
    • Have you got to experience during your bachelor’s degree?
    • Do you struggle for your degree?
    • Have you been given time to research for a bachelor’s degree?
    • Have you done jobs related to your degree?

    If you feel the answer to these questions is, Yes. Then it does not matter how long you will take.

    Overwise, if the answer is, No. You have wasted or will waste your time for no reason, and it matters too much. Make sure to keep these answers in mind.

    Beginners who Taking Longer than 4 Years to Graduate

    Beginners who want to take more time than 4 years for a bachelor's degree.
    Beginners who want to take extra years for a bachelor’s degree.

    Our circle of discussion was rotated around students that have done their bachelor’s degrees.

    We will talk about bachelor’s degree students who want to take more than 4 years, i.e., 6 years or more.

    Do you have to finish College in 4 years?

    Yes, most colleges have a 4 years plan to finish a bachelor’s degree. But it depends upon students how long they took.

    But the most recommended way is to finish college in just 4 years.

    How many credits do you need to Graduate College in 4 years

    You need credits to get to maintain at least a 2.00 CGPA. You will pass college if you have a 2.00 GPA. You need your 120 credits to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. 

    For Example, St. Norbert College guarantees that if students enrolled in 16-semester credits per semester. Even as a beginner, he doesn’t fail or get stuck off any course. You need to maintain a 2.00 CGPA in 4 years of a bachelor’s.

    Is it hard to Graduate from College in 4 years?

    It is less challenging than students having misconceptions. 

    It is hard to graduate in 4 years for those who:

    • Have low understanding power.
    • Want more time than 4 years.
    • Learning with jobs or internships.
    • Giving less time to bachelors in a day.

    Can you finish College in less than 4 years?

    Can you finish College in less than 4 years?
    Can you finish College in less than 4 years?

    Yes, you can finish college in less than 4 years. But many colleges and universities do not provide it, and you need to learn the entire syllabus in less than 4 years.

    To finish your bachelors in less than 4 years, you may,

    • Need to find a specific university.
    • Need to do that online.
    • Need more struggle than an ordinary student.
    • Need a solid and hard timetable to be regular.

    What if I don’t Graduate College in 4 years

    What if I don't Graduate College in 4 years
    What if I don’t Graduate College in 4 years

    It is not too embarrassing for you. Because you have decided to get your bachelor’s degree with ease.

    It will be very beneficial to you to do a bachelor’s. But how long a bachelor’s degree will take depends upon you and your family. 

    Because your family is essential when you are struggling for a bachelor’s degree.

    You should focus on other factors to take 6 years to graduate like,

    • You need to pay more than 4 years of fees.
    • You have to be more determined.
    • You need to build your stamina for an extended period.
    • Is it wrong to take 5 years to Graduate College?

    Is it Bad to Graduate in 5 Years?

    Half of the students in the US take 5 to 7 years for a bachelor’s degree, and they do not face any issues, and they get higher jobs or admission for master’s degrees with less difficulty.

    You may face other issues, e.g., paying fees for different years.

    I got my bachelor’s degree 15 years ago what is the best way to further my education?

    You should join the small course to memorize previous computer science knowledge. it will help you for advancement in further education. Then you can join the course. You need more effort to recover knowledge and for growth. It will little bit difficult but still, you can join a Master’s degree.

    Is it okay to finish College in 6 years?

    It is not unusual for you to finish college in 6 years, and 6 years is the best opportunity to broaden your scope and area of skills.


    I conclude that you should not be worried even if you take 5, 6 or 7 years to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After your graduation, you can do masters in any field of computer science or go for Job.

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